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  1. Hi Dan, Not sure! Drop me an email with what you roughly what price you'd be thinking of. My email is mat.james.leach[at]gmail.com Look forward to hearing from you. Regards Mat
  2. Hi EOSHD peoplez! Sadly I have too sell my gear. I got this a few years ago to start my short film, alas some personal disasters kicked off an it held me back, few years on and I'm still fighting these. As there is no need to keep hold of this I will be selling these and are top order, the oct 18 has some specks of dust in the lens and the anamorphic has a slight smear on the lens as well. Nothing to stop you filming. Panasonic gh2 (imported from states, if makes difference) 2x 32gb cards Kowa BELL & Howell 2x anamorphic lens redstan clamps Helios 44M + lens adaptor 50 mm oct 18 oct 18 le
  3. Amazing, but to execute this will take more time then to shot it and do it in post!
  4. Thanks Rob,   Nice to see Nuke get some limelight. Never enjoyed Afterfx but I'm more from the old Shake days (showing my age here!)   Good luck with the houdini nose bleeds!
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