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  1. selling my FocusOne, open to any reasonable offer (buyer pays postage too), I'm based in the UK
  2. This blew me away, it is everything that a cinematic short should be https://vimeo.com/120774377
  3. short I did last year with BMPCC/SLRM Anamorphot
  4. Hey ADC:) you're correct, scope sizes for DCP are 2.39:1 (2048x858 or 4096x1716) I love my 1.33 'phot;)
  5. I own the 35mm t1.4 and the Anamorphot with diopters and love them. The 10mm looks fantastic but my interest is principally with the VND. I have a BMPCC and I was wondering if their is any provision for IR cut with it? Thanks for posting these images:) Lee
  6. Jonpais, I own both BM and Panasonic cameras, and like my children, they have their talents and their annoying habits, but I love them just the same;)
  7. there are some good articles over at no film school and especially this one at Redshark http://www.redsharknews.com/post/item/1710-how-to-make-hd-look-like-4k I love my BMPCC and I can't imagine moving away from it anytime soon. Like you I moved from 550D (euro name) and have never regretted the decision
  8. Wonderful footage from the new Cooke Anamorphic/i
  9. Happy to report that all is well:) Mechanism solid and just the right amount of resistance in the normal/near. Some RAW footage to work with and upload in the next day or two. Thank you Elubes and Andrew.
  10. Thank you both. I'll be out again tonight and I'll be a bit firmer with the mounting to the lens:)
  11. Hi folks, wondering what the movement is like on your Anamorphots? I took mine out last night and found that the turn from normal to near was so stiff at about midway through the travel that the three retaining screws couldn't hold position and I lost alignment:( Is it buttery smooth or otherwise for you?
  12. Thanks Eric. Going up town tonight to shoot the Field of Light in St.Andrews Square, should provide some interesting footage. http://www.brucemunro.co.uk/installations/field-of-light/
  13. Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed the footage. Your setup is exactly like my own except you have an impressive lack of Shake! I received my anamorphot this week and set it up yesterday, hoping to do some work with it this week. I've been using a kinotechnic Lcdv and it's been really useful for hitting focus with greater regularity. I did some interior work yesterday with the lens and was at t4/5.6, I find the BMPCC nearly impossible to use without variable nd, do you have one on the front of the anamorphot or did you simply go to T8 etc on the 35mm? Thanks again, I'm inspired to go out and
  14. These videos are fantastic. Thank you for taking the time to put them together:) Lee
  15. Thanks Andrew, that last piece of info helps a lot.
  16. Hi folks, I have a question to ask and this seemed like the best place to ask it. I have a BMPCC. This has paired up nicely with my lens collection but looking ahead I want to invest in some specific kit. I am looking at the Anamorphot (hence why I ended up here), the Metabones pocket Camera speedbooster and the Sigma 18-35. However, I am also the content owner of an SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 (mark 1). I don't have unlimited funds and want to get the best possible image out of my kit. What way to go? Appreciate any of your thoughts. I do understand that the mk2 is the recommended lens to pair with
  17. Looking forward to part two. Sorry for being a pedant but did you mean T1.4 rather than F1.4?
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