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  1.   This is good in principle, but the pocket camera won't to take photos like your GH3... 
  2. For what is worth, my source in B&H send me this info    “Both of them are suppose to start to ship the last week of July out of the mfg to the dist.  We hope to get some of them early August”   mfg = manufacturing dist = distribuitor   It could maybe explain why they changed status, or maybe not ;)
  3.   I very much doubt this information, either he hasn't received it yet or he preordered another camera MFT maybe?
  4. It will be a real shame if they don't manage to ship in time, specially since they said the cameras were shipping for sure in July. hopefully it will only be a month or 2 of delay. The amount of people that had canceled 2.5k pre-orders, or even forgot about them is quite bad. A lot of people stopped caring a long time ago.   On a positive note, I've been collecting bmcc footage for quite some time now and the footage that comes out of this camera is truly amazing and can be very cinematic. So this is what keeps me going, and makes me think the wait will be worth it. I am getting a
  5. Hi guys,   First post here so hello everyone, big fan of Andrews twitter feed, I also run the gallery website http://bmcc.tv   Super late for the party, but I guess better late than never! I was inspired by you guys to get in the hunt for S16 lenses for the bmpc. It's really is tough since you start loosing perspective in terms of prices. Some of the lenses you are not even sure they work, and you see yourself willing to spend £100-150 pounds on them! Great time to be a vintage lens dealer that's for sure!   Anyways, after lurking for days for the switar 10mm I put an ord
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