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  1. Bozzie very nice. Can you explain your lighting? Was it just 2 (blue filter left and tungsten right) or was there a 3rd overhead as fill?
  2. Amazing work Max. I loved it! Can you share any insights on how you made the film? What gear, etc.?
  3. This is great news for all Nikon shooters. I know I'm personally excited for any D7100 ports if/when they come. Amazing what Nikon Hackers are managing.
  4. I have this lens (Nikon mount) and have no clicks when turning the focus ring. It's smooth and silent.
  5. Fifty

    Nikon & LUTs

    Skiphunt I am curious about your experience with Flaat11 and the D5300. I own a D7100 and using Flaat 11 in relatively low light situations (not even night time) brings up some horrible artifacts and noise. Does the D5300 resolve low light images that much better that you aren't seeing any artifacts?
  6. Hi guys, looking for a little info. Today I got my hands on 2 Sun anamorphic lenses. I already have an Isco KA298 so I don't need 3 anamorphics, chances are I'll keep one Sun and sell the other and the Isco. So... My question is... What's a "reasonable" price for these lenses?
  7. I second (or third) the D7100, but agree with Rungunshoot... be prepared to deal with the noise in shadow'd areas.
  8.   Depending on the type of shot you are doing you can try focusing before you enter live view mode.   Focus like you are taking a photo... in the bottom left while looking through the eye piece you should have a focus assist dot that appears when you are focused properly on your subject. After you confirm your focus hit live view and record away. That's how I do it on my D7100 so I would assume it should work on the D5200. Hope that helps.
  9. Hi all, I recently purchased a D7100 as I needed a camera that could do both stills and video. I used to own a 5D MKII, so perhaps comparing the two isn't really fair, but there is one issue that is really bothering me. With the D7100, I find that video is juddery as you pan. I never saw this in the 5D (then again maybe the MOUNTAINS for moire were so distracting I just didn't notice). Is this judderiness the same in the 5200? Is there away to get this smoother? I've noticed it primarily on 1080p 24fps. Setting were a shutter speed of 50 and iso 100 (or multiples of that as I've read the base iso is 100, correct?).
  10. @Julian, I actually just purchased the Filmcity version like that. I got that one simply because it had a lens support on it already (and it was red :P). I did buy a second tripod collar though as you mentioned. Please do open a thread, I'd like to see what your experience with that system is like. Once I receive mine, I'll gladly add to it. @tferradans, I have been reading that thread (on my second go as I skimmed through the first time). Maybe I missed it, but was the math or reason as to why you choose +0.5, etc ever covered? Out of curiosity do any of you guys know the use of the backup lens? Does it have a practical use for dslr owners (if not, no worries, it's weight makes it a fantastic paper weight or book-end).
  11. Wow, thanks guys! I'll go research the Schneider Isco's as I haven't read about those yet.   @silvertonesx24: Any links to a diopter that would work with this? The front element is massive and I can't imagine anything smaller that 105mm covering it.   @andy lee: Thanks for the tip that Tecnoir looks nice. I don't currently own a rail system so this is a very nice excuse to buy one. Any chance you have some footage of something you've shot over the years with 1 of these lenses?   @both: Silly question, please forgive my Anamorphic newbness. The smallest focal range is 17ft (so it says on the lens) with a +0.5 diopter, does that cut that range in half? How do you do the math? I ask cause I see a lot of +1, +2, etc. close up lenses, but most on this forum recommend +0.5.   Thanks for all your help!!!!
  12. Hi folks!   Long-time lurker / first-time poster. I've recently gotten a rather nifty item (which admittedly has sat on my desk as an ornament / paper weight) which I am hoping the knowledgeable folks here could help me identify. The photos below are of a Isco-Gottigen anamorphic lens model KA298, I've Googled a bit, but haven't really found any good information about this lens or the backup lens it came with (this is the most mysterious part to me, I assume this backup lens is what took the small 35mm image and magnified it for the big screen).   Anyone come across this setup before and able to give me a history lesson on this lens? Truthfully, I love its look and weight and it will most likely sit a paper weight, but I would love to know more about it and if it has any use today. I've tried playing around with it, but given its weight (its crazy heavy) and currently no support system, its difficult to use and get a feel for.
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