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  1. I´ve being using my GH4 for months now, mostly with my Panny 25mm F1.4, SLR Magic 12mm F1.6 and Panny 45mm F2.8 Macro. Specially with my 25mm F1.4, I get really nice DOF and nice bokeh, beautiful rendering. I work as a 3D artist and have decent skills with Adobe Software, grading is a pleasure with the in-camera footage, even being 4:2:0 internally. Of course, for me raw would be fantastic, but I´m more than happy with my camera. I´ve already owned a 5D MKII and a Nikon D600, but the size, ergonomics and true hybrid performance is simply great in my opinion, I had the chance to use the camera both for print and video work, both professionally. And even better, I use to do some 360 pano pictures and now GH4 has support to promote control (a multi exposure, timelapse and other goodies device). With a 8mm fisheye, I can get a full 360x180 panoramic bracketed picture (HDR). All of this in one single marvelous camera.
  2. I really appreciate the suggestions, I was already thinking about gorillapod, but the varizoom gimbal head almost convinced me. I´ve also did some research about gimbal+brushless 2/3 axis systems, but they´re still too heavy and clumsy for my personal works/studies. Just ordered one gorillapod focus, let´s see how I´ll manage it. And I got some cinetics wheels too, just for fun :) Thanks again, Ricardo
  3. Hello there, I´m a 3D artist and my studio (we produce animations and illustrations) has started doing some small video jobs for advertising agencies. We have tripods, sliders and a fluid head (502hd). Other than that, we rent. For personal projects, I really enjoy shooting as stealhy as I can, walking around and trying to capture things/people/places/actions that interests me. I´m thinking about acquiring some stabilization rig, I´ve already tried edelkrone pocket rig, but I honestly didn´t adapt, after some time and pratice, I found that using the camera strap stretched against my neck gave me very similar results and much mess weight. I´ve researched and found varyzoom stealhy pro camera stabilizer, but I´m not sure if it works as advertised. Any suggestions are welcome and needed. Oh, my actual gear is: Pana GH4, Lumix 25mm F1.4, Lumix 45mm F2.8 Macro, Lumix 12-35mm F2.8. And I´m thinking about acquiring a speedbooster+sigma18-35 and/or one or two primes (Voigtlander). Thanks, Ricardo --- www.ricardorocha.cc vimeo.com/ricardocr
  4. Took my kid and my wife to the science museum. Panasonic GH4 handheld, Lumix 25mm f1.4 and pocket rig.
  5. I´ve recently got my GH4 and I had a shock in the first few days, tons of noise from 200 to 3200 ISO. But, after a few days of experimentation and testing, I´m just getting in love with my camera. What I´ve found so far is, every situation (specially low light) needs a specific tweaking to get a finer grain and lower noise. Also, my Leica 25mm 1.4 gives me much better results than the kit lenses, even using the same f stop for both. I´ve found this video and got really impressed with the quality. The guy used a tweaked cine D profile, a chinese focal reducer and some nice glass. It has compression (vimeo), but it´s clear for me how much detail it is resolved under low lighting. Anyway, this camera need fast lenses, that´s for sure.
  6. I´m also impressed. I´ve just got my GH4 a few days ago (with kit lens) and yesterday I got a Lumix Leica 25mm 1.4. The difference is enormous. I´ve being tweaking with CineD and CineV profiles and the general settings. After some testing, it looks like pedestal introduces a good amount of noise in low light scenes, but I´m still checking. Also, pushing shadows with curves brings more noise as well.
  7. And HDMI out should be 4:2:0... I hope not, but it seems it´s the same old crippled video 
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