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  1. I've loved my NX1 since I got in March. The only complaint was the transcoding and additional space needed. Playback is now smooth at full resolution on my older 12-core Mac Tower and GTX980 card. The Premiere Pro Beta finally optimized h265 playback/export about 4 months ago and I finally got to dump all my ProRes files...about 1TB. Last week I shot a night time test in a car to test the Cinemorph Anamorphic filter with a Nikon 50mm f1.2 and a 4K Grainzilla real film grain quicktime. i wanted to try something different so I went full faux anamorphic bokeh and kept the NX1 at ISO 800 as the Cinemorph eats about 1.5 stops of light. You can watch the Vimeo HD or Youtube 4K versions of DRUNK DRIVE here: http://vashivisuals.com/samsung-nx1-drunk-drive/
  2. Shot my last 3 projects on the NX1 and have gotten beautiful results. Excited to try Andrew's approach and see how they will blend with my own. Purchased. Thanks AR!
  3. Just got my Komputerbay 64GB 1000x from Amazon and did a benchmark with my 5Dmk2. At 16384k I only got 70.1 MB/s and 70.6 MB/s. Recording 1880x720. This seems abnormally, crazily low. Anybody have a suggestion or recommendation. Am I testing incorrectly? Send card back I guess? Thanks in advance...
  4. Thanks again Andrew for your wonderful work and open-mindedness. My first post here after years of digesting all your intelligent and passionate contributions to fellow filmmakers. I've had the luck and pleasure to edit numerous films for Vincent Laforet and Shane Hurlbut and shoot my projects with the 5D. It's been a whirlwind week and I'm excited at the opportunities and possibilites ahead of us.   As a side note that might be interesting to the conversation...Shane is installing the ML RAW hack into his 5Ds as we speak and I'm sure he will post his results and findings once he tests them out in his awesomely manic and intensively thorough way! I hope Vincent gives it a fair shake too!  Exciting times....
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