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  1. I would like to see a comprehensive test using Canon lenses focusing in video mode. I had read that on a pre-production model, autofocus was not good in video mode...photo mode was fast and accurate, but autofocus while filming was not good. Please confirm.

  2. If you have any Canon lenses with the metabones adapter, I'd be curious as to how well autofocus works in video. Initial reports showed that autofocus in video mode was slow. (Pics were fast, video slow.)


    I've just picked up an early shipment of the camera here in London! I'll do a field test and an evolving review over the next few days on my blog if anybody's interested! :-)



  3. C = Costly (Canon products are not cheap.)

    A = Absent Innovation (The 5D Mark II was innovative. It went downhill from there.)

    N = Napping (Canon has been caught napping...zzz...)

    O = Outdated (They recently have incorporated 1080p 60fps into their DSLR's. Only a few years late.)

    N = Nonadaptive (They are too proud to adapt new innovations into their own brand. In-camera stabilization, Sony sensor technology, focus peaking, etc.)

  4. I understand everyone's frustration with Canon. If I didn't have so much $$$ locked up in their glass, I would have moved on by now. With that stated, I think Andrew's dissatisfaction over the 5DS is misdirected. This is a camera clearly marketed for photographers who have a need for full-frame, high megapixel images. Canon has stated this is not a replacement for the 5D Mark III.

    Canon should be announcing the 5D Mark IV this year. Let's hope they incorporate 4k into the camera in a meaningful way. I do have concerns however since Canon has a history of dumbing-down their cameras in firmware to force photographers/cinematographers to upgrade to more expensive models. Considering that they have a separate division of cinema-line of cameras, they may leave some key features out of the 5D Mark IV as to not take (perceived) revenue away from their cinema line.

    Canon made a strategic mistake a few years ago by keeping high-end video features out of their DSLRs. Let's hope they see the errors of their ways.



  5. 5D III RAW + 600mm = Amazing. My ultimate goal however is to shoot 4k for its flexibility and ability to make pics from the frames. I will be watching to see what Sony announces on Sunday and who knows what other cameras will be announced at NAB. IF Sony can come close to the GH4, I'll probably switch direction just for the adapter compatibility. I'm really frustrated with Metabones. I have written them numerous times, but no new news on their M43 to EF adapter. I'm not sure what the delay is, but they could sell a whole bunch of those adapters.

  6. Actually 300mm on a 2x is not. Minimum 400mm on a 2x sensor. I do primarily birds. I have thought numerous times about the 100-300, but I haven't seen the detail out of that lens that would warrant buying it. If Pany had the same sharpness on the 100-300 as they do on the 35-100, I'd go for that, but still it falls short for what I do.


    Also, for stills I'd rather have something with a longer reach. Cropping a cropped sensor leads to more noise, but primarily I plan to use the GH4 for 4k video and stills are secondary.


    Andrew, if you could see the incredible clarity of using the GH3 with the Canon 600mm f/4 lens, you'd want one too. I use this combo all the time but yearn for IS and aperture control.

  7. Grab some long glass? Where? In the M43 world, the Panasonic 100-300 lens doesn't cut it. Not for small wildlife such as birds and it's not as sharp as Canon L glass. I've been using the Canon 600mm on the GH3 for birds and works ok, but no image stabilization. The GH4 could be the best 4k camera in the world, but image stabilization on long lenses makes a big difference. With Sony I have options with Metabones, with M43 I do not.


    Grab some long glass, make it longer with the GH4 crop and then shoot 4K and pull frames or shoot 12fps in RAW mode. If you dont like a camera dont get it simple as that. 

  8. This is a really interesting development. I am a Canon wildlife photographer that has been shooting with the GH2, GH3 and have a GH4 on order. Being heavily invested in long Canon telephotos, I have always been frustrated by the lack of an adapter that electronically controls EF lenses to the M43 cameras. (I don't necessarily care about autofocus, but aperture control and IS is very important to me.) I have given up on Metabones.


    If Sony does release a new A7 with 4k that has the quality of the GH4, this will be a no-brainer. I'll cancel the GH4 and wait for the A7S. Why? Metabones already has an adapter that would allow my Canon lenses to be electronically controlled by the A7S.


    As far as waiting for Canon to release a new 4k camera, I have no hope for them. Considering that the 1DC (currently is now $10k) is the only DSLR in their lineup with 4k, they won't put it in anything less (like the 7D replacement) because it would take away from their 1DC sales.


    I am hoping that the A7S may finally get me an adaptable 4k camera! I've got my fingers crossed for Sunday.

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