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  1. ...and the fact that it has created so much discussion and polarisation means that this really is huge news and a breakthrough and sadly that means 'scary' to some people, especially if it threatens them in anyway.   So expect the flak and wear the jacket :-D and keep the discussion going.   "News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising". Lord Northcliffe
  2. Anyone that says this isn't exciting is not being honest...it's amazing and worth reporting (and supporting). I think I've said this 3 times on this site now Andrew...great work! :-)      "This was a great week. It is the first time we’ve seen this kind of moving image from a full frame sized sensor in raw. A pristine 2K 14bit image that’s like a 24fps digital film negative or a digital scan of VistaVision".
  3. I know there are a lot of egos involved in the creative world but even by that standard there are some amazingly 'bitchy' comments coming out here. I loved the less financially empowered one :-D   I make a living in the creative world (have been for 20 years)...and anything that is an improvement on what you were using before is worth looking at. 5D, C300, BMCC it really doesn't matter because we're all trying to do it better for less (money or time). You wouldn't be even on this blog if that wasn't true.   The really smart ones in this industry keep an open mind, look at the dev
  4. Well, an even more amazing job then Andrew! Great work! :-D
  5. Beautiful footage James! Amazing! For what it is worth, I had success shooting some samples with a 64GB Sandisk ExtremePro (UDMA7)...nothing went awry but then I was shooting in short bursts at 1920 x 720 @ 24fps as suggested. vimeo.com/channels/529900
  6. I shot some samples to make some comparisons yesterday (that was around 36 hours ago) and I still can't get the smile off my face. I have in the past worked hard to get the H.264 footage from the 5D to surrender some emotion to the results...and at times it worked, but most of the time I was never really convinced. Shooting raw on the 5D changed everything. Here are some simple samples I shot whilst walking down for a coffee yesterday... "http://player.vimeo.com/video/66499520" So anyone thinking about this?...this is a serious upgrade (and yes I agree with an earlier contributor on calli
  7. Opinions aside...all I know is the Canon 5D MK3 I used yesterday (shooting in raw) was a huge, huge improvement on the 5D I was using the day before... It is that much better!!! and I mean that much better...a great camera even greater by the guys at ML! Out of interest, my testing yesterday took place in Singapore (a hot day even by Singapore standards) and I did not detect any noticeable heat issues. I admit they were short takes but to be honest the sort of shoots I do are mainly like that anyway. So all the talk aside...if you already own a Canon 5D Mark III your world just got a whole
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