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  1. 1 hour ago, John Matthews said:

    It probably won't be "better," but it might be easier or simply an alternative, especially if you want to slow down a 4k image to a 24fps timeline with the GX80... it's slight, but noticeable. :)  I started a topic concerning yuvj420, but I doubt it's better than yuv420. Hopefully, someone will respond.

    I guess if the quality is at least the same, i do like having fixed frame rate plus aperture and having auto iso.

  2. 17 hours ago, Dean said:

    I do know it's hard to frame in still mode though (crop happens as soon as you press record if I'm remembering correctly) the times I tried but yeah, definitely has some advantages. Also remember you can't use the shutter to start recording but not a big deal.

    You can set the aspect ratio in the menu to 16:9, so that it always stays the same.


    I'm very interested to find out if 4k photo mode produces better video than using normal video modes.

  3. I picked up a GX85 with 12-32 kit lens, and sold my LX100.

    The IS is fantastic on the GX85 so much better than the OIS only on the LX100.

    I did some 4k video low light tests, both at similar settings at f3.5. I found that noise levels are about the same. But the LX100 can go down to F1.7 !

    So i am thinking of getting a 20mm F1.7 lens for times i need to video in low light. My concern is not having dual IS. Anyone tried the 20mm and compared the IS with the kit 12-32 lens?


  4. Perhaps.


    Just seems a bit clunky to me. And I don't see direct custom mode buttons either, so every time i turn it on will i have to fiddle around with that damn rear dial to set up the shutter speed and possibly miss a filming opportunity.


    Personally i see it as a bit of a fail. You should be able to power it on having the dials set and hit record.


    Perhaps it can be setup to default at a predetermined shutter speed for video recording?

  5. Yep. that pop up EVF on the Sony looks fantastic.


    I wish they had of used Power OIS instead of Mega OIS on the 12-32 kit lens. Perhaps that would have made it better. Actually I wonder if the Vario 14-42 PZ lens would be a better option as it has Power OIS.

  6. I sold my GH3 after getting a GM1. The GM1 quality is very good, and its size makes it very portable.


    I mainly film home videos with some occasional photos.


    Really the two features I wish it had was an EVF (as i use reading glasses) and better image stabilisation (the one in the kit lens is not that good).

  7. I am loving my little GM1 (with kit lens), so much so that i sold my GH3 that was sitting around gathering dust.



    I am finding that when recording video, the OIS is not working very well compared to what i have been used too. I checked in the menus and there is no setting to turn on/off the OIS. So now i am wondering if it is working at all, does it have OIS in video mode or is it just that the OIS in the kit lens is not very effective.

    Any ideas please?

  8. Thanks.


    I am now seriously looking at selling my GH3, its just not getting used. I am finding that the quality from the GM1 is good enough for my needs.


    My profile is standard 0,0,0,-5.

    I did previously try lowering sharpness and contrast as others have done but in my tests I didn't really see any advantage. Leaving it all at 0 means less work in FCPX.


    No ND filters used. So in the sun I would have raised the shutter speed up to 100 or 200, and also moved the aperture up pretty high too.

    At the end of the day the iso would have been 3200, shutter 50 and aperture low.


    Oh and no noise reduction was added such as Neat. With the GH3 or GH2 the last scenes would have been very noisy, but the GM1 is very clean.

  9. The GM1 is so handy. Its the camera that is always with me in my bag.


    My latest GM1 video. Very basic stuff. Loaded into FCPX and some simple levels adjustments and thats about it.


    Oh and standard kit lens with no tripod etc.


  10. I have had the GM1 for a few weeks now, its fantastic. No issues at all importing into FCPX and editing. I am finding that in most cases the video quality is as good if not better than the GH3. One point of interest is that since getting the little one the big one has had hardly any use at all. In fact i am thinking of selling the GH3 whilst its still under warranty and before any new models come out.

  11. I'm really impressed with the iso3200 performance, so little noise!


    Here is a silly little test video of my cat indoors in lowish light.


    Another simple video with lots of movement and panning around following a RC plane.


    I have been doing lots of comparisons with my GH3. I feel that in low light there is much less noise with the GM1. But where the GH3 wins is with scenes having lots of movement (e.g. water). The GH3 also seems to be a little more sharp than the GM1 although i haven't tried increasing the sharpness settings in the GM1.

  12. I am really liking mine, I am so glad I purchased it.  :D


    PS Actually I think I may have added the hoodman pic a little later.



    I have been comparing it to my GH3 both indoors and outdoors, and I'm going to take both cameras with me on outings over the next few weeks. If it performs as well as the GH3, I may just sell the GH3 and use the cash to buy some lens's.


    So far the avchd 24p 24Mbs mode seems to perform the best. The avchd 25p is wrapped in 50i and i am getting artifacts (yuk), I like the MP4 25p but the bit rate is a bit lower 20Mbs.

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