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  1. Interesting video footage...looks pretty much like a gh2.
  2. Thanks Andrew... the first video looks pretty good would love to see high ISO, low light and human subjects.  The second video I think the composition is great but the video quality is terrible, it's so blocky and noisy.   Without Raw it still seems like you prefer the 5D3 system as a more viable video solution to the GH3?
  3. I hated the color and look of upstream...why is it so revered?
  4. How can you recommend a camera that has minimal field testing or reports on issues/quality/reliability?   I'm in a similar position...i'm between a gh3 and a 5d3.
  5. My main gripes with the GH series are that they shit the bed at high ISO and the colors feel sterile.  The best part of the camera is resolution.  I'm a bit at a crossroads regarding my next body/system purchase.
  6. I can respect the claims that a GH2/GH3 "can't touch raw" but why/how?  In the two clips i've seen between the two it is not that noticeable to the average human eye.  Unless you're pushing it to 400% (why I don't know) it doesn't look to be all that different.  In other words, for the small gain you're getting over the gh3 is it worth the extra money on a body, storage (internal to the body), and extra hard drives you'll need, not to mention time to process, convert, grade, etc?  I'm just curious as I know it is an individual basis.   I'm curious if it is better to get a GH3 and add on a Metabones speed booster or get a 5D3 and use the h.264 footage the majority of the time and raw for more intense close-ups and landscapes.  It's a trade off either way.  Not sure how one would make a decision in either direction.
  7. Interesting...the GH2 is very close to the 5D raw in these tests and it doesn't need all this post processing and storage power.  I understand the gravity of ML and their work, especially if you're an owner of a 5D or have a lot of Canon glass.  However, for us on the fence between GH3 and 5D3 what is the allure of Raw?  Considering it is so intensive of a workflow process it would only be used for special shots, and the majority of footage would be h.264, wouldn't the no brainer be to upgrade to a gh3?
  8. Sorry yes... Can you take quality photos with GH3 and blow them up to poster size to print and frame with high IQ?
  9. A lot of attention has been diverted to the new ML raw capabilities, and rightly so.  I'm looking to get some feedback on taking stills with the GH3...some timelapses but also regular stills.  I'd like to be able to print out big prints and frame them for apartment decoration etc.     I tried flickr but it's not a great flow on how to navigate, and haven't seen much written since i's popular as a video camera.    
  10. Any video footage? How will the GH3 & Metabones stack up against a 5D MK3 Raw? the Neumann film shows GH2 still sharper...
  11. Is there any reason To get a g6 over. Gh3? Aside from price?
  12. Would a hobbyist/enthusiast be able to access this type of technology. I don't bpmean literally. I've been considering the gh3 but if I could us my MacBook Pro and get raw files easily converted to prores without blowing up my cf card or MacBook I'd go 5d3.. Thoughts?
  13. @AreFlex thanks! I really wanted to love the GH3...but looking at it compared to what Canons produce is very night/day for me.  I know I'll get flamed for that but the tests people do of swings, leaves, and buildings is almost a joke as it really isn't what we care about.  We care about living creatures, people and animals.  We want to document stories, whether fiction or non-fiction.  Yes at the end of the day I can watch a compelling story shot on an iPhone 5 and be amazed by the emotional quality of it.    As @JG said "we might as well discuss it right?"  I will be making a purchase decision soon.   I have my 60D which i'm not thrilled with but there are so many viable options.  I do want to learn more about photography on the DSLR and want to do a lot of video with it.     What I have gathered:   Panasonic = Sharp/IQ images Canon = Color/"That Look" Nikon = In the middle   It may be a good idea for me to go to B&H in a week or two and spend a few hours looking at:     -6D   -D800   -GH3   Make a decision there and pull the trigger   I am an all-purpose hobbyist who wants to take great stills and video in all lighting conditions with that appeal of Canon/Nikon look
  14. I don't think it is possibly to get that "feel" and look of the Canon on the GH3 which is why people like are coming down to this basic predicament:   Do I want more sharpness/IQ or more of that "feel"...I think for me It is the latter...I really would love both though!   6D is looking like the winner for me!  Plus the VAF and I've got 95% of what the 5D3 offers at 700 less.
  15. Yea I think I'm pretty sold on the 6d and pair it with tamron 24-70
  16. Zach, why not get the VAF adapter for 365 problem solved?
  17. Dave Dugdale has a new video and it pretty much sold me on the 6D. Thoughts?
  18. Thanks for some great insight and frankly, some funny commentary.     Before we go on... can we establish experiences responses to my original questions?   1. Can the GH3 be graded or given certain settings/hacks to get that "cinematic" movie quality feel that you get with the Canon DSLR full frame cameras, but with the sharpness? 2. Can the GH3 perform excellent in low light with certain lenses and programs (NeatVideo) 3. Can the 5DMKIII be brought to be as sharp as the GH3?   More needs to be done to the GH3 to get it as "professional" looking as the 5D 3 in my opinion (based purely on Vimeo & YouTube :) but if it could work it would be the BEST option due to m43 and price...
  19. I'd have to agree...that trailer looks very amateur to me.  It looks like a camcorder shot it and that is precisely why I am nervous to purchase the GH3.  Granted, I am doing more videoing of family, friends, and some documentary work (run & gun...NYC B Roll, interviews etc) and not narrative per say, I'd still like a visually appealing set of images.   I am still on the fence.  I've seen some decent GH2 videos and if money wasn't an option I may have just sprung for the 5D MK III.  I could always buy the body and save for other equipment on a slower timeline.  Again, I am not doing this for work, but personal use.  That doesn't mean I should just buy the cheaper equipment either.   Quality is king, and right now the videos I'm being shown really show the GH3 in a negative light.  Hmm.
  20. Great Review! I too share concerns about low-light performance and lack of natural "cinematic" appeal of the 5D MK III...I too am in the midst of making a purchase and have a tough decisions! Mostly documentary/narrative stuff for myself, my students, and my family. A set of tough decisions with all this great technology!
  21. I am curious on a few items regarding DSLR and mirrorless video making.   The 5d MK III is amazing in low light but is said to be soft The GH3 is amazing in sub-800 ISO but is said to be to "home video" feeling for cinematic looks   The resolution and image quality on this GH3 video is stunning:  http://vimeo.com/63349774   But the cinematic feel and hollywood quality of this is equally stunning: http://vimeo.com/49269403   Anyway to get the GH3 to look as cinematic?  I'm thinking not if most of, if not all, the videos on Vimeo don't show that?  Also What about getting the 5D to sharpen like the GH3?  Not possible?   Seems like it's a trade off...   GH3:  great sharp image but lack of cinematic feeling and poor ISO performance in low light 5D3: great cinematic feel and ISO performance in low light but not as crystal clear as the GH3   Not sure where to go regarding purchase!
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