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  1. I'm selling my Veydra Mini Prime lenses (12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm). These are Micro 4/3 mount. The lenses are in pristine condition, only used on 2 projects. I am the original owner. I'm including the Veydra 6 Lens Custom Hard Case, the Universal Lens Mount that Veydra sells separately, and a Tiffen Variable ND Filter 77mm (2 to 8 stops). I have the original packaging for all of the lenses. Total cost of the lenses and accessories brand new - $5435 I'm selling for $4000
  2. ​What would be the benefit of shooting on a 85mm? Smaller nose in the CU? I agree.. the side shot of the piano is too much with the nose size. I used two lights with this setup with both lenses opened up at their fastest stop. ISO shot from 400-650 (ISO 800 for the slowmo shots at 72fps). Almost all of it was on a shoulder rig, except for the slider shot. I kept the OIS on for the nocticron, which eliminates any micro-jitter. I love the lens, i think it compliments the GH4. This was shot at 1080/100mpbs. I used the picture profile posted in the link below. http://www.supertone.dk/#!GH4-Optimal-Film-Setting-works-in-stills-too/c24o4/8E18836A-F271-4A14-AF0D-C575B9D5F4B6 Thanks for watching.
  3. I shot this music performance video on my gh4 with 17.5mm voigtlander and 42.5mm nocticron. http://youtu.be/E4xMW5ZJow4
  4. Thanks! I was pulling focus while shooting. I had to throw some gaff tape on the zoom ring, as it was easy to nudge. I was stopped down at f 4 actually. Looking back I would have rather been wide open to get the DoF shallower... but in the moment, with riding the focus and hitting all the marks.. I was concerned about having something out of focus. About 30 tries over a course of 4 hours. We had a camera rehearsal the day before.
  5.   Thanks for all of the kind words! Yes, hand held with a lot of help from the 12-35 Power OIS.
  6. Hello, I recently shot this 1-shot music video on my GH3. It worked out great. especially being light weight. https://vimeo.com/65240570 Lens: 12-35 f2.8 Shot @ 12mm, f4.0, 800 ISO, 1/50th Shutter, 4300k Look: Natural with -4 NR, -4 Sharpness, -3 Contrast, -3 Saturation. 23.98p 50mpbs IPB .MOV Image Stabilization on Note: There was color grading done
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