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  1. I'd probably think most of the "internet camera nerds" don't bother using lighting, or very little. Whether this comes down to shooting style/hobby/lack of interest... Don't know. I can be a camera nerd who surfs the net on a daily basis to feed my latest craving. But I also see cameras/footage being critised where proper, good lighting was NOT utilised. How many actually realise that a camera produces superior images with a good set of lights, or a knowledge in how to mould natural light? A lot of the "skin tone" footage on the net with the A7s sucks because the operator raised the ISO to 20,000 in locations with weird colours/no colours, and didn't bother to consider light at all. Lighting is far more important than cameras. You start to realise that your tool has much better colour, dynamic range, resolution and motion than you thought. Even if you use a flat piece of foil to reflect the light on your subject, every little helps. My order of importance for every shoot: 1. Idea 2. Subject (actor, location etc) 3. Lighting 4. Lenses 5. Camera So onto your subject, whatever camera you use, start with lighting first. You will get much much further with your filmmaking and produce much better images this way My honest opinion is - those who are serious but don't consider lighting, you might as well not bother!
  2. I came back to watch this again, where has it gone Ed? Thought it was a nice little piece.
  3. I didn't like the footage at first, however viewed on a Retina Mac it looks much better. Bit annoying that it looks like a moire and aliasing mess on the majority of screens - can't everyone just be forced to have high spec monitors? ;) ;) I'm curious how the image would look on some low contrast glass to get rid of that clinical harsh edge - the more organic the better. Looking forward to some "proper" footage with a skilled eye - or when Andrew has more time to do something else ;)
  4. Argh you guys send me crazy! ;) I had no idea this was a video site! Not the faintest clue. ;) 7D MK II? Yawn.... (Sums it up).
  5. I thought I would start a thread that focuses ONLY on the Panasonic GH4, and getting the most out of it - rather than start yet another thread debating if Camera X is better than Camera Y etc. Just the GH4 for this one. I'm excited about what this camera can do and how it could affect my professional work. There are just a few things I want to make sense about this camera, in one place, as other topics are full of conflicting information and debates of whether the camera is good or not. I do have an interest in 4k (as it makes better 1080p), so wanted to figure out how you would get the best out of it. I do pretty much everything from controlled shoots to run and gun. Medium to heavy grading always. 1. Not everyone wants the brick. I don't totally need it. It may look a bit awkward but I can see it being useful for studio setups/interviews etc. 10 bit 422 4k sounds lovely, but is it possible an external recorder capable of recording 4k footage could do this over the cameras HDMI port? 2. For those who want the brick, how would you envisage setting this up on a rig? (seems like it could get messy if not done carefully.) 3. I need slow motion for my work. I get asked to do it all the time. Will 96fps conform only to 24fps? And would it be possible to record this onto an external at 10 bit? 4. For internal 1080p and 4k.... memory card options? 5. What are the best solutions out there to record 1080p 10 bit 422 on the GH4, and are there any options for 4k on the horizon? 6. Does anybody know for sure the actual dynamic range? These are the questions I have for now. Please share your own :)
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