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  1. Perhaps because 80% of independent filmakers can't afford a 1Dc ?
  2. One word: Insanity! Just freaken insanity. What will this do to future DSLR camera releases? I truly believe that Canon played their cards right and threw us a hidden gift. There's no way they didn't know ML would eventually figure it out. Perhaps that's the reason why the only major upgrade to the 5D3 was the Digic 5. Come on Canon, come clean!
  3.   You got a point . . . . The "Creative Bandits" reference was good.
  4. You know, I always wondered why Canon just did not improve on the 5D3 after such a long time since the 5D2 came out. Could Canon have foreseen a hack to unlock the true imaging potential of the camera?   It begs the question: Was Canon just throwing us a hidden gift with the 5D3?
  5.     That is true. I was also going to say that if A1ex and the guys can pull this off, they will have single handedly jumpstarted a stagnant Canon dslr line. But their Cinema line may suffer. It'd be interesting to know what Canon thinks of all this?   I guess the Black Magic may have a competitor after all ! . . .
  6.   Well, I think Canon might intervene at that point. What would be the point of the 1DC?
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