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  1. There's definitely more value in RAW than in 4K. Especially for post processing, I have had dreams about having the same flexibility that a stills photographer have with their workflows. When you think about, film very much afforded the same flexibility and value for both photography and video, but things are very different with digital. Unless Canon comes out and blasts ML for the latest hack, I will be inclined to think that at the very least they were enablers and allowed the firmware to be hackable.
  2. I should clarify. RAW Video support for video should be as common as 1080p video is across most cameras today. The fact that ML has had to painstakingly figure out on their own how to bypass the limitations imposed by Canon tells a lot about the state of RAW video support in most Cameras today. If you're not a Philip Bloom, you cannot afford to shoot RAW. I believe ML changes all that, but not only that, any manufacturer not incorporating some kind of RAW option in their new Camera models might as well throw in the towel.
  3. Fully agreed. As I said on a different post: Expect RAW to be an industry standard by this time next year.
  4. Agreed. Zacuto should include the 5D3 running ML in RAW on their next shoot out . . . that will be really interesting. Everything else is NOISE.
  5. And yet, most cameras are now shooting 4K. Just wondering, why are you fighting progress so much man? If I didn't know any better I'd asume you would rather send the industry back to film.
  6. I didn't say most of the content is 4K, I said the "Hardware" is 4K. To put it simply, if the movie theater in your area has shown a 3-D feature, then most likely it has a 4K projector. They foresee 4K standardization soon.
  7. The answer is NO. Because of the way ML's module work, the Digic processor is actually doing less work by writing RAW than it does by writing H.264. H.264 requires a lot of downsampling, up-sampling and compressing. RAW is a "straight file save from sensor to card" no processing in between. Therefore, expect the camera to actually consume less power when shooting RAW with no overheating issues!
  8. Basically, 1080p on screens larger than 50" is not ideal hence the need for higher resolution screens. A larger screen demands more pixels to display content without degradation. 4K will look amazing on small screens but in 1080 the larger the screen the worse the content looks. A case in point: Most - if not all - Movie theaters use 4K projectors and while consumers are not going to have anything that size displayed in their homes, consumer screens continue to increase in size and the prices continue to drop.
  9. Where have you been? . . . 4K Tvs and projectors are already out there!
  10. That is not an "IF" but a "WHEN" . . . just head over to the ML forums and you'll find out that they already have it working on the 6D and 650D, 5D2 coming and many others. http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=5247.0
  11. What you do not know is that this has been in the works for months. ML already has working compiles of the software that allows them to write to exFAT formatted cards. Many users have already implemented it. Breaking the 4GB limit is fairly easy. The hard part was RAW. Now, it turns out that RAW may, in fact, be better for the camera than H.264 because incredibly, Digic uses less power to write RAW than it does to write H.264 - and it's all done without overheating the camera! This is a testament to the fact that these cameras were meant to be "RAW war machines" and it implies that h.2
  12. What card are you using? You got to use the fastest CF card you can afford . . . 1000x at this point.
  13. It writes to a single large raw file. You then have to use raw2png.exe to extract the individual frame stills. Then, you can process the stills in Lightroom or Photoshop and then import in After Effects to render a video file like ProRes 422.
  14. Because of the way ML has re-structured their code, There is no question that they are going to be pushing the FPS beyond 60fps. Look, if the 5D3 is able to do RAW at 3K, I would not be surprised if H.264 1080p@120fps is possible. The camera has already shown that it can handle huge loads.
  15. Don't expect audio. You'll have to go back to your good 'ol external recorder.
  16. I actually think that Canon's profit margins would be better with the dslrs - the user base is larger, the upgrade cycle is faster. They still do very well by having both but the DSLR is their bread and butter.
  17. As far as how people are going to cope with storage: Don't forget about a little equation called Moore's law. I guarantee you that if there is enough demand for cheaper larger drives, they will come sooner rather than later.
  18. I think that the BMCC had a lot to do with what canon has done recently. You have to believe that the BMCC priced at 3K had Canon worried and definitly posed a major threat to their bottom line. Sure, Canon will do well just selling to the still photographers, but it has done much better selling the low budget filmmaker. It would be a loss to lose all these people to BMD. OTH, Yes. I could be wrong and Canon is just totally oblivious to the needs of a large section of their customers.
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