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  2. ​I bought the tokina because it was cheap a while back and thought I was the only one who even used this lens. It worked perfect on a C100. I only sold it because I want to switch to nikon mount for aperture control. What an amazing lens...photographers don't care for it but we love it.
  3. I found that Vision Color's picture styles work out of the box with minimal grading needed. Not free though (unless they changed it).
  4. http://deluts.businesscatalyst.com/deluts-free-lut.html This one is free so you can test it.
  5. One thing I forgot to add is FCP X for all its greatness does not have curve for exposure. It only handles shadows, mids and highlights with 3 fixed points (I assume which means linearly). This looks really weird to me and I need to find some plugin because it's not enough. Anyone have any tips?
  6. I like Premiere because it was obvious where everything was, even if it wasn't particularly efficient at anything. FCPX at first seems unintuitive because it's so different, but they save you a lot of time once you learn them. In terms of design FCPX looks like its going towards the future, whereas Premiere just wants to stay the same. This philosophy trickles into the code base as well. Adobe refuses to rebuild Premiere, they just keep stacking code on code which creates tons of bugs.I found so many bugs with Premiere and corrupted projects that I just bought FCPX and never touched premiere again. Premiere ranks with some of the worst product experiences I've had, and the other two are Microsoft (Windows OS and Bing Ads).
  7. ​Ok I just tried the 14-140mm f4.0-f5.6 panny lens out. The 14mm side translates to a 40mm view from FF, so it's slightly wider that the "normal" 50mm on a FF. It's pretty wide I'd say but you could probably go wider with a wide lens + speed booster and something else if you wanted to. Due to the lens being slower, I found that it's hard to get any background blur but that was probably obvious. Shooting in dark doesn't seem to be a major issue at the native 800 ISO, as long as the scene is normally lit. The Mega OIS is amazing though, even zoomed in all the way it eliminated a lot of jitter. I think I'm going to keep this lens around, it's very versatile and could help get some difficult shots.
  8. I was curious if anyone knows a viewfinder that works for the BMPCC but would work with other cameras later? I've searched a while and could't find many options except the Kinotehnik and the Zacuto but have no idea if these would work on say, my GH3 or whatever else. I know they are made for a 3.5" screen but I suppose that could be worked around as long as the mount is universal. Thanks!
  9. ​Sorry for the late reply! It's coming in tomorrow I think. When I get it I can tell you the answer. I think 14mm x 2.88 crop factor will be around 40mm which is wide but not ultra wide.
  10. ​I just picked up this deal. It's actually $995 but still not bad. Although I rather they have a prime bundled, this lens should be interesting especially with OIS. I feel like everyone on EOSHD has a pocket camera except me or something.
  11. I heard it has decent DR, somewhere around 11-12 stops, and other times I heard it's not so good (10 or less). I would expect different answers depending on the firmware version and knowledge of using the camera. Does anyone know what the DR is like in optimal settings with Gamma DR? How does it compare to the C100 Or BMPC DR? I've realized that 12 stops is plenty, but being close to that is fine. I see people lowering contrast in Wondershare - does that actually help with highlights or shadows? https://vimeo.com/115004338 Thanks!
  12. Let's just not say anything about DR if we don't know.
  13. Can anyone verify if the metabones speed booster can control the 35mm lens aperture with the aperture ring on the GH3 (or any Panasonic body)? http://www.metabones.com/products/details/MB_SPNFG-m43-BM1
  14. I've had some very sketchy experiences with dvxusers, but even I'm surprised they would go that far.
  15. Blackmagic responding directly is a good step in restoring confidence. Canon would never do such a thing.
  16. I'm pretty sure this could be done with a $500 lens. Andrew did the magic here.
  17. I'd say like that's more of the difference between a C300 and a Blackmagic Camera. DSLR's may have worse workflow and ergonomics, but Blackmagic have terrible ones.
  18. this might solve your problem: http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?314634-Strange-duplicate-files
  19. Don't get me wrong, I totally agree with you on the value of the C-series. Yes, I would say without a doubt in my mind there are pricing issues. it's not for everyone, but RAW isn't either. I guess it's going to be an uphill battle as many of the claims on raw here are just borderline cult-like and I haven't seen much respectable inquiry into the subject.  
  20.   If it makes you feel better, I got into filmmaking with DSLRs as a non-pro. Then I started doing real client work and suddenly time and money mattered. People depend on you to deliver. The c100 looks really good in that respect. raw on the 5d hasn't changed my mind because that wouldn't help any of the variables I depend on (except image quality, which is only one part).   but for a non professional project, I wouldn't mind. 
  21.   I'd agree that the gyro rig is not priced for the DSLR market looking for $700-3000 cameras at all...
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