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  1. Will 4K be UHD or DCI? Will it support UHS-II SD cards for 4K 60fps? How many fps at 1080p? Will color out-of-the-box be improved?
  2. http://briansmith.com/worlds-first-drop-in-filter-lens-mount-adapter/ EOS to NEX, but other mounts "coming soon" Yes, I'd rather buy 52mm Firecrest ND filters instead of 82mm & 95mm sizes
  3. elimination of rolling shutter in S35 mode probably due to faster sensor readout Data can also be output from the sensor at an approximately 3.5x faster rate compared to the original a7R.
  4. about A7rII: rolling shutter is eliminated in s35 mode, and native ISO for slog2 is 800 according to this post
  5. ​I would love an APO 35-70mm T2, and APO 75-150mm T2. Low 2x zoom ratio for higher quality, and more manageable size and weight.
  6. With LED bulbs being harsh for the subject to look at, ​I'm hoping some manufacturer will offer a one foot diameter remote phosphor ring light with interchangeable panels for tungsten and daylight output.
  7. Nikon getting serious about cinema   http://www.nikonusa.com/cinema/index.html#JoyRide
  8. Wouldn't it be great if Aptina were to manufacture slightly larger 4/3 version of this sensor?
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