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  1. The guy who runs Nikon rumor is far more credible than mirrorless rumors and EOSHD, and according to him this rumor is nothing more than clickbait by these sites. It's a fake rumor.
  2. Turns out the rumor was fake. Samsung UK denied any Nikon acquisition of NX system. Also, Samsung US has said they won't be pulling out of camera business. What happened to the claim that EOSHD doesn't post rumors? That's two rumors in a month, both false
  3. If this is true, that implies: No competition to A7 series as NX mount is not compatible with FF sensor. It's not a throat size issue, but the contacts and plastic inside the mount make FF sensor incompatible. You have to break compatibility with all current APSC lenses to make it work. No speedbooster possible due to same technical problems.
  4. GH5 can never be FF. If Panasonic ever release a FF camera, they won't name it GH5 and the lens mount cannot be M4/3 as FF is too big for that mount. I doubt if Panasonic will release FF, but if they really do (and it has to be a new mount), you can say death to M4/3 mount for sure. Mounting them won't be just tricky. It would be impossible.
  5. because no one has the camera till Friday? Once it's shipping, there will be a hundred reviews
  6. EOSHD "FS7 or A7S II might be thinking “I didn’t have much time to justify the investment” FS7 has far better recording options. FS5 needs to drop to around 44K. Probably street prices will be lower. I don't think any FS7 owner are regretting anything
  7. What an incoherent rambling, constantly comparing (even ergonomics) to much larger and heavier 1DC, which would be much larger even by DSLR standard, let alone mirrorless standard where small size is important. Really pretty silly rambling.
  8. Where did he say battery ran out only after recording for 25 minutes and nothing else?
  9. ​This is kind of idiotic statement as digital sensors don't have colors. Look it up. The color comes after processing data from bayer filter, which isn't a sensor but thin glass on top of sensor), color is mostly interpretation. by software. http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials/camera-sensors.htm Digital Sensors don't have colors. It's not a film
  10. ​ There is no such guarantee. Nikon still doesn't have 12 MP sensor from A7s, and it took 3 years to get RX100 sensor in J5.
  11. ​This isn't a guess. Go check BCN ranking, or flickr stats https://www.flickr.com/cameras/ GH series has tiny market, since video market is tiny. For Canon DSLR video markey is nothing more than percentage error
  12. ​it's not just Rebels. All Canon DSLRs have much larger sales (we are talking factors more, not just tiny percentage more). The difference is like 10 to 1 or higher. GH series isn't best seller (for example Oly sold far more EM5). Video market is really insignificant.
  13. ​​Canon sells 8 times more DSLRs than all Sony and Panasonic miirrorless cameras combined
  14. A short stint for tiny market. ​But now there are many mirrorless cameras and dedicated camcorders with large sensors, which weren't around in 2008, People overestimate the significance of DSLR for video market. This remains a very tiny (probably insignificant percentage error level) market. DSLR remains primarily a photo camera.
  15. ​Video market, especially DSLR video, is tiny. This camera is clearly directed towards still photos. It has too many pixels to do proper video without skipping too many pixels.
  16. Looks like a list of cameras Andrew Reid bought in 2014. Even if the camera was not released in 2014, like 1DC, he put it on the list, just because he bought it in 2014. Isn't this the definition of "my gear is best" fanboyism? FS7, released in 2014, was not even mentioned, for example.
  17. Lets wait for DPrview video studio shots before making that claim. That will clear this up.
  18. There is no way A7 II is going to look better. It will skip lines to get 24 fps. The max burst on A7 II is 5 fps. A7s does full sensor readout. This is not "they tell us" it's a fact. Line skipping produces moire and aliasing. A7s will remain a better video camera.
  19. A7s does full sensor readout without line skipping. That's what makes the low light and image quality in video so much better than other FF cameras like A7 and A7r.
  20. It was the largest sensor ever on a pocket camera. The previous pocket camera with large sensor was Canon S series, a sensor 4 times smaller than RX100. Before that pocket cameras had sensors that were 1/2.3" or smaller Canon S series broke that trend and became the most popular prosumer pocket camera during 2009-2012. LX100 is not a pocket camera.
  21. That's why this not a RX100 competitor. RX100 is designed to fit in a pocket. The lens retracts and has built-in cover on the lens. This camera is much larger. Look at the size of the lens. It's not a pocket camera like RX100 series. Different segment.
  22. It's not RX100 competitor as those are pocket cameras and fit in (even tight) pockets. This doesn't. Totally different segment.
  23. SDXC uses exFAT. SDHC uses FAT32. You should be able to format the card that does not work to correct system.
  24. Overexpose it a bit if it's noisy? You can bring it down later in post.
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