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  1. 13 stops of Dynamic Range with Global shutter would be PERFECT for the GH4. If it could shoot 1080p/120 or at least 720p/120 I would buy it in a heartbeat. 
  2. For fucking fuck's fucking sake that is making me jealous... Damnit.  Andy, do you think something like this could become possible for the Panasonic GH3?
  3. So... Could something like this be possible with the GH3 ? It has the processing power that is necessary to output such video files!
  4. Yeah, honestly, I don't really want 4K. It's actually a minus for me: I won't use it and pay more for it if I want the camera that offers it. For example, without the 4K, the BMPCC would be perfect for me.
  5. What can we realistically expect from softwares updates to the GH3 in the future? 
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