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  1. Electronic ND would be a sure buy from me. Simple as that. I also assume 4k60 would be there, but internal ND will seal the deal.
  2. Since there's an example of the 1DX II skin tone in a wedding video, here's one with no Canon cameras. Just Sony and Panasonic.
  3. yeah it's totally subjective. canon color is often praised for the skin tone, and i shoot a lot of people. having used both canon and panny for years, and sony more recently, i've seen a progression in how panny evolved their color. the gh2 and gh3 were much worse for skin tone, but the gh4 with my custom profile looks amazing in natural light. when i first got my a7s ii the skin tone was very underwhelming, but after tinkering with the profiles it's now spitting out images that are just as pleasant as canon, but not as overdone. i'm sure in post i can get the canon shots to match the sony in color, but there are other things that can't be matched, such as dynamic range and level of detail. so if i don't tend to use the canon cameras for a gig anymore.
  4. While it's true the 1D X II is ahead in several areas, such as PDAF. By the time its successor comes out, which will be a few years, I have no doubt Sony and Panasonic would have matched or surpassed in these areas. Canon still has its Canon colors, but I have grown to like the colors in other brands. I definitely prefer the GH4 and A7S II colors, both with custom profiles, in good natural light. Canon is more pleasant in dim artificial light, but I can tweak the other two to be pretty close. So I won't be going back to Canon just yet, but it's good to see they still have some strong points.
  5. tried that myself. not very impressive even after updating the firmware, which made a big difference - it was almost unusable before firmware update. it's ok for still subjects, but if you try to photograph a moving subject with the a7sii, get a sony lens instead.
  6. i'm pretty sure you have to get sony lenses. i'm starting to get native sony lenses now, especially now that they have f2.8 zooms. shows they are serious about the platform
  7. i just want to say this is one of the funniest article headlines i've read!
  8. i think it'll be better for panny to do two product lines. keep the gh5 as a m43 camera because there are definite size and weight advantages. launch a new line with either 35mm or full frame sensor and new lenses. keep the ergonomics amazing, get better color depth and low light, and i'm sold.
  9. that looks like a combination of AF hunting and possibly a bump in the slider move
  10. it's gh4's 4k vs 5d3's raw. I think being able to compete with full frame raw in low light is very impressive. a little bit of noise reduction and there's nothing to fear anymore!
  11. i'll help out the stabilizer questions. it's either a skyler or an xcam. looks more like the skyler as I have the xcam one and it doesn't look exactly the same. works great with the gh3 and i'll assume the gh4 balances fine with it too
  12. and oh, the GH4 price is insanely good for what it gives. panny is out for blood
  13. I think it'll make the gh3 a bit cheaper. I'm getting two GH4s as additional cameras because I need more bodies this year, but otherwise I'd be selling my two GH3s. Quite a number of people would be selling to upgrade.
  14. very simply, all of my camera purchases are on hold for the GH4. and I suspect a lot of people are in the same boat. nothing that canon or Nikon can put out this year will touch it, and every DSLR they have is obsolete.
  15. agree with Olympus being a letdown. really would love to buy one of their cameras because of the 5 axis stabilization, but why in the world wouldn't they bother to put in 24fps? it can't be that difficult or expensive to do. such a waste of a beautiful system and the same with Nikon's attitude of "we don't really see the point of video"
  16. this is seriously impressive and makes me happy to be a Panasonic customer. over the last few years i've talked quite a few friends and family out of buying canon (it seems to be the only brand newbies buy), and into m43, and they've all been extremely happy. I still have my beloved gh2 even after buying two gh3s, but with a better pocket cannon like the gm1, maybe the time to retire the gh2 has finally come.
  17. just have to say, that actually makes sense!
  18. love eoshd because I never know what i'd find in the newest article, but it's always interesting and informative. personally I don't use 28mm very much, but it sounds like a superb lens.   I do have a pentax m 50mm 1.4 that has a lot of character, as well as a butter smooth focus ring. some of the old lenses soften up the gh2 / gh3 image a bit, which is nice, as lumix lenses tend to be too sharp and clinical
  19. what i like about EOSHD is that it tells the truth, always covers the most interesting topics, and places quality content before referral sales. i really can't find another site like this. thank you andrew!   while my work is least suited to a raw workflow, my eyes don't lie. anyone who dismisses the superlative quality of raw from the 5d3 is either blind or has a vested interest against it.
  20. does anyone else see something funky where the woman is walking across the green landscape. her limbs seem to leave some shimmering behind, like a twixtor artifact.
  21. magic latern should rush out this hack before canon tries to clamp down on it. after all, they did treaten to unleash the lawyers on 1Dx to 1Dc hack and this is much more significant. amazing feat the ML team has pulled off...
  22. i think canon meant for this to be for their photographers wanting to get into more serious video. think about it, canon has mostly a photographer customer base. canon would like to sell them more cameras and get them to try video, but knows that it still has to be a stills camera at heart, or the photogs would just think "oh it's a video camera".   so on one hand canon wants to create a cinema market for their products, and on another hand canon wants to transition photogs over. the end results are the c300 and 1dc. really too bad
  23. panasonic is taking the right approach. recycle previous generation sensor for a lower model, but add useful and valuable features. if canon were releasing the g6, it would be the g5 with wifi or something stupid.
  24. i've used variable nd filters from the expensive singh-ray to cheaper lcw. with shorter focal lengths loss in sharpness is very minor across the board. the more expensive ones hold up better past 70mm. they all have a bit of color cast but it's correctable in grading.   not sure if the effect in the sample is from the optics or not. i really like the idea. unfortunately i prefer to mount ef lenses on my canon bodies and m43 lenses on my m43 bodies.
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