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  1. That depends on the frame rate of your project, and whether you want (a brief moment of) slow motion, normal speed or accelerated speed. (But, without wanting to be impolite to you, if you are new to these things, then you really shouldn't make movies with the Nikon 1 raw "hack", but use the standard video recording function of your camera. What we're discussing here is borderline esoteric geek stuff for quality freaks and experimentalists.)

    I see that 30 is the magic number, the longer shooting time at 10 left me puzzled. V2 is on the way and I am curious to see what differences my glass can possibly produce with these cameras.

    Has any one produced anything yet with resolve? I do consider this software a superior method for color correcting.
  2. One thought is to use your Aperture software to color correct and then convert Raw files to Tiffs, then QuickTime Pro ($30-40 upgrade that might also be found free on an operating system installation disk) could import these images and generate or combine the Tiffs into small sequences/clips. iMovie could then be used to edit the assortment of clips.

    It's the slow motion component that's new to me and I would imagine Final Cut has options that would benefit. Don't forget most programs have 30 day trial periods :)

  3. Thanks good people.

    Hello aFrat! The videos posted through links on this thread are all I have noticed thus far and they impress me. Over the weekend, my wife and I (especially the kids) really enjoyed the "Zoe" short film, very creative! The filmmaker suggests a ND filter.

    Earlier in this thread I noticed a workflow posted that went straight from Raw to rendering final video without any Tiff-type conversion. This method is what Tom Lowe used on Timescapes and I heard the workflow described as "non-destructive"... it uses the Adobe Bridge program (that accompanies the Adobe Production Premium software package) to jump various programs without ever having to render untill the video is complete and ready.

  4. Thanks Cantsin!


    With the V1, would someone please take a moment and explain their routine with regard to burst filming.


    In other words, what are the typical steps/settings taken that tend to result in quality footage.


    Also, can I assume that there are no external release or external intervalometer options? I worry how much the push of the shutter affects and noticed something about a Wifi adaptor.


    BTW, this thread is a cutting-edge guide and I really appreciate all the input.



  5. Ordered, but I have never handled or shot with the V series cameras. Two questions.

    The Vivtar 40.5 variable ND filter ($25) was recommended for keeping shutter speed at a more ideal level...


    does this filter simply screw on front of the 10-30mm lens that typically comes with the V1 kit?


    Also, would a SDXC 64GB class 10 card be adequate for burst shooting?



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