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  1. It's really a shame they didn't at least put a headphone jack on the D5300. 


    When I use my Ninja II for an external recorder, it has a headset jack that you can hear either the incamera mic or the external one thru the HDMI port.

    It can also hear recorded sound from an ampified mic or other sound system plugged into the Ninja mic port

  2. Neither is 60p yet none of the blackmagic cameras have it. 

    And probably never will.

    I think that untill 1080P 60 Cinema becomes the standard, BM will continue to focus on 24fps.


    I personally much prefer higher detail and smoother Video.

    I do not like "film grain" or "Jello" motion.

  3. It does in-camera slow-mo, didn't cover it in the review as it is best to shoot 1080/60p and do the slow-mo in post.


    WiFi... Not convinced it replaces an HDMI monitor! I don't use it.

    I agree with both of these comments.


    Note: it takes a really good HDMI monitor to outdo the camera OLED.

    The HD Camax H056 that I use is only marginally/if better and mostly due to extra features.

  4. A good and interesting review.

    It should be followed up with a comparison of the Panasonic GH3 and Nikon D5300


    The D5300 shoots really excellant 1080P 60 Video

    but I am waiting for an Odyssey 7 to extend that past 10 minutes without restarting the recording.

    The D5300 also has at least twice the high ISO capability of the D5200.

    I have actually been able to use videos shot at 12,800 in low light with the D5300.

    I have to keep the GH3 to a max of 3200 and use the 12-35 f/2.8 lens to get anything cleaner.


    The reasons I am keeping the GH3 is for extended (unattended) 1080P 60 recording and superior AFF.

  5. My Lumix 12-35 f/2.8 will be here next week.

    I really prefer Zooms, especially ones with fixed apertures.

    Loosing Image Stabilization would not bother me as I use a TriPod.


    I generally do not recomend mixing brands,

    but if Panasonic does not come out with a 7-14 f/2.8,

    I will try the Olmpus version.


    "Tonight, I ordered a speedbooster so I could use my Nikkors on the GH3 in low light."


    Well the speed booster came today.

    Even with it and the same lens, the D5300 is far better in low light.


    However, I will be keeping both cameras.

  7. Today, I set both cameras up side by side to record the same subject at the same time.

    I used neutral profile with -5 settings on the GH3 and shot the in-camera MOV at 50 Mbps at ISO 1600 with the 14-140 lens

    Neutral with default settings on the D5300 using in-camera MOV (MPEG-4) at 37 Mbps at ISO 1600 with the 18-140 Nikkor

    The Video quality was nearly equal. At default Vivid the were also nearly equal.

    The GH3 at higher ISO or at the lower bit rate of 28 Mbps (.MTS) were not as good as the D5300 at ISO 12800.


    Tonight, I ordered a speedbooster so I could use my Nikkors on the GH3 in low light.

  8. All the parts of my new GH3 with 14-140 lens came yesterday.

    I used it this morning to record my bowling practice.

    As a stand alone unit for over 10 minutes of Video I find it unbeatable.


    These are my impressions that may change after I dial in both cameras.


    Things I like more about the GH3

    1. Unlimited recording

    2. Much better AFF

    3. More depth of field


    Things I like more about the D5300.

    1. Much better image quality

    2. Much better color

    3. Much Higher usable ISO

  9. Did your D5300 arrive yet?! :) If so, have your tried the external recording, etc. yet? 


    Yes but I lost this thread untill today three weeks later.


    You won't be sorry if you get one. I am still finding more things I like about it.


    There are things like controls and less DOF that make my D800 better for Video with 1080P at 24 or 30 fps better.

    And there are things like faster AutoFocus and more DOF that make the V1 better, especially when using the PowerZoom.


    Contrary to Andrews view, I think the D5300 is better in every way than the D5200.

    Same Sensor, maybe, but tweeked for more performance.

    Expeed 4 enables all kinds of improvements, for example:

    Much better high ISO for stills and Video

    I now have mine set for AUTO 25,600

    The Videos in low light at 12,800 are comparable very clean

    As for out of the camera, the 1080P 60 files played back at the same speed as the 1080P 30 at even 3200 ISO

    which is pretty much the limit for the  V1 and 6400 ISO for the D800.

    The D5300 wins easily.


    Now about using an external recorder.

    It is not clean with the V1

    The D800 has the advantage of clean HDMI output while displaying all the controls.

    So far, I am only able to record 1080i at 59.94 with my D5300 on the Ninja II and the results are terrible in my eyes.

    The internal to card at 1080P 60 are about 4 times better.

    I am waiting for the Odyssey 7 to record longer than 10 minutes at a clip.

    I have externally recorded 1080P 30 for up 90 minutes with DNxHD 36, but these are about half as good as the 1080P recordings to SD card.

    I just got a Meike D5200 grip that fits perfectly. It and the camera accepts two higher powered Vivitar batteries.

    These should enable up to 4 hours recording or more if hot swapable.

    During recording, I can adjust the Aperture in Manual Mode by pressing the +/- while spinning the wheel.



  10. My D5300 will be here Nov 27th.


    I plan on setting it up for 1080P at 60 fps.

    I have a BlackMagic Shuttle II to record uncompressed RAW

    a Ninja II to record DNxHD 36 (probably more like 72Mbps).

    and a Camax HD external monitor.


    I will be hooking them all up at once and comparing footage to my D800e and V1.

  11. If you connect an external monitor (to the HDMI port) with focus peaking it can help a lot.

    You can also use a Ninja II to record Higher quality Video and do the same thing with it's monitor.

  12. So is D800 or D5200 better option for video?

    Depends on how much money you want to spend.


    The 5200 is probably the better value but the D800 is not only a better camera

    but if you need, it shoots at much higher ISO

  13. @Andrew: Also, if you find the time/possibilities, I'd like to learn more about shooting with an external recorder. Never done this before. What are the options, prices, drawbacks etc. What would you suggest for a budget shooter in combination with the D5200?


    The BlackMagic Shuttle seems to be the cheapest option. I really like the Atomos Ninja 2 with built in monitor, but it's pricey... It would be nice if there was something in between with monitoring options.

     I use a CaMax 5.6" HD monitor mounted on my TriPod Leg and pluged into the Shuttle II.

    I get a superior view and a cheaper recording solution.

  14. I am very surprised that the D7100 has no 60fps option listed in their manual.

    The settings allow you to shoot 1280x720 at 60P


    As for 1080P at 60fps, nice to have but would you ever use it?

    The V1 can do full resolution burst at 60fps or record video at 1080i

    I tried it but never use it.


    I record 1080P at 30fps and then convert to DVD and sometimes BlueRay with PowerDirector 11.

    99.9% of the time the 720P DVDs are viewed instead of the 1080P BluRay disc.

  15. I have the D7100, D600, and D800. I sold my 5D2

    I also have a V1 that I prefer over the NEX and GH cameras.


    Someone suggested the Sony A77, why not the A99 with it's swivel screen and many other feaures?

    I personally prefer my D800 for still images and Video.


    As for the D7100, I've had the D5100 with it's usefull swivel LCD,

    but the higher resolution and larger size of the D7100 live view screen beats it for me.

    Besides, when I shoot video, I use an external monitor that mounts on my tripod.

    I can swivel the camera 360 degrees while viewing the output on my CaMax HD 5.6" screen

  16. I use a Camax H056 and am very happy with it.

    High resolution and focus peaking.

    I have it attached to my TriPod leg so I can pan the camera behind me and still see without getting up and moving .

    The new LCD on the D7100 is also quite good, especially if you zoom in, but of course you have to stay behind it.

  17. I solved my problems with the D7100.


    1. You have to cycle the info button while in LiveView Video mode till you get to a "clean" HDMI output.

    a. You need an external monitor (even a TV) for this as the LCD gives no clue.

    b. You get what you see on the external monitor.


    2. After many hours of search I decided to record thru my HyperDeck Shuttle II with DNxHD 220.

    a. ProRes gave my lots of problems and some of the HDSLR video guys suggesed DNxHD instead.

    b. If you analysis both with MediaInfo you will see quality differences.

    c. DNxHD allows you to record full resoltion, size and frame rate same as camera settings, and supposed to display better color too.


    3. I had to go to AVID and download their free codecs to view/use either with QuickTime or PowerDirector 11.

  18. Have you tried setting HDMI to 1080p instead of auto?

    When I do this I get a true progressive feed but it is 29.97 frames (30p) even though the camera is set to PAL / 25p.


    What about trying it in NTSC and trying 24p from 60i? <Quote<<<

    I am very surprised to learn that you can get any "clean" HDMI out of a D5200.

    I am also surprised that the Video quality is so good.


    I am using a V1, D7100, D600, and D800 for my "Home Movies".


    With the D7100 I had to cycle with the info button to get clean output that filled my Camax monitor

    and recorded to my Shuttle II without any info showing.

    What you see on the external monitor is what you get.


    That camera does not have a 1080P setting for the HDMI output so I have to use Auto.

    This works fine if the in-camera Video settings are set for 1080P at 30fps

    and record to DNxHD 220 (I had to download the free codec pac from AVID to use the files on my PC).

    With ProRes the recordings are at 60fps, slightly lower quality, and much more difficult to deal with in  PowerDirector 11.

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