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  1. Hello Blanche. Are you sure about your Macbook Pro with a 1 TB SSD? I ask because until now Apple sells Macbooks with only 256/512 or 768GB SSD. I see in your scenario some problems: In order that Time Machine can keep backups over several weeks/month your Time machine disk should have the capacity of 2x, at least 1.5x of your Macbook hard disk. When your notebook is full, your Time Machine disk will also be almost full and Time Machine will begin to delete the first backups you made, that means your are going to lose data. Because you are very concerned about the security of the data on your LaCie disks, you are planning to have two of them for backup. But what are you going to do when your Macbook drive fails? Are you prepared? OK, what would I do in your situation? I would store all my new events and projects on my Macbook and everyday I would run Time Machine (on the first LaCie) in order to backup those data. All finished projects (including events) I would move to an external drive (second LaCie) in order to make space. At the end of the day I would backup this external drive to another external drive (third LaCie). And I would buy another 512GB SSD for the case that my Macbook SSD fails. Let’s check this scenario: When your Macbook SSD fails, you have a copy on the Time Machine. You can install the SSD in reserve and re-install everything from the Time Machine copy. When your Time Machine drive fails, you have still the original data on the Macbook. When one of your external drives fails, you still have a copy on the other external drive. It seems, in this scenario your data are pretty safe. What do you need? 3 x LaCie and a reserve SSD for your Macbook. BTW, Time Machine does not compress the data. Greetings.
  2. Hmm, it's strange. With a new formatted 16 GB Transcend card and AVCHD mode 60p 28 Mbps settings I get 1 h 15m recording time (Lumix GH3).  Did you try a factory reset of your camera?   Cheers.
  3. I appreciate, Blanche. I guess I'm not so handy like your husband, I will have to wait until the the VF-3 Universal Viewfinder for the GH3 comes out. BTW, after reading that you own a Rode Lavalier Condenser Lapel Microphone I ordered today from Amazon the new version from Rode where you record directly to your Smartphone. I'm looking forward to do some tests.  Again, thank you very much for your effort taking the explaining pictures. Cheers.
  4. [quote name="Blanche" post="29388" timestamp="1363468399"]You could also buy a viewfinder to stabilize which magnifies your view 3 times - the LCDVF for around 80 euro's. With the GH 3 you can't close the screen anymore because the package plate is a wee bit too thick. But if you're handy you build a thinner plate for the screen yourself and your screen also closes perfectly  ;-)[/quote] Blanche, could you please upload a photo of your viewfinder modification? Thanks.
  5. I asked Carry Speed if their LCD Viefinder will be available in near future for the GH3. This is the answer: Dear Customer, We are design and will bring out a new LCD view finder soon, which we believe would fit GH3.If possible, please sign up our news letter and we will love to keep you updated on our latest innovation.Thanks!   Cheers, Tom.
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