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    Gábor Ember reacted to tony wilson in Dam you ANAMORPHIC   
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    Gábor Ember reacted to Andrew Reid in [Closed] Current e-bay auctions for anamorphic adapters   
    I actually think this thread has its uses.
    For those looking for advice on the suitability of the lenses they find on eBay, I encourage people to post pictures, model name and descriptions but not links to the eBay page.
    - Discuss the lenses you find if they are unusual. That knowledge is important.
    - Try not to post auctions links because it happens to be an anamorphic lens. Must be discussion worthy.
    - Post a link if you have questions about the suitability of the lens for filmmaking
    Let's try that and if the concerns about inflated auction prices still remain I will close it.
    And please no advertising.
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    Gábor Ember reacted to richg101 in For sale: Iscorama 54   
    lesson learned....  
    not one person dealing with this issue seems to have contributed positively at all to this forum.  Just come here to take take take.  either selling or buying, they bring NOTHING to the forum.  Personally I think there should be a stop to all this posting of ebay listings, personal sales, etc.  at least topics of this nature should be only postable and visible by regulars.  
    Also, someone please close the ebay listings topic.  this has to be the most ridiculous idea ever.  Share your findings with the world, kill any chance of you or anyone else savvy to anamorphics getting a bargain because everyone and their grandma can come in and see a run down of anamorphics worth bidding on.  If it were a secret topic to regulars I'd understand, but literally, I'd say that topic alone is contributing 50% towards the current silly inflation of anything with a squeeze ratio! 
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    Gábor Ember reacted to bootsie in Anamorphic Lens-yclopedia.   
    Click here! See attachment.

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    Gábor Ember got a reaction from Julian in Wide Angle converter in front of Anamorphic?   
    It is not specially the anamorphic. If I use the Fotga on the Helios-44M by itself, it produces the same errors. So the problem with the anamorphic setup is that the taking lens is too long (focal length), I guess. Canon 50mm 1.8 and Jupiter-9 are bad too but my friend used the Fotga happily on his Nikon 18-55 kitlens. So it is not about the elements but the focal lengths.
    Wide angle adapter is for wide but not that wide lenses I think.
    There are relatively cheap chinese adapters out there. Buy one that you may be able to use on another lens, if the anamorphic gear doesn't like it.
    I'll recharge my batteries and I'll make some pics.
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    Gábor Ember reacted to Tito Ferradans in Anamorphic Lens-yclopedia.   
    First, I'd like to apologize for the pun in the title, then, explain what's the catch, to see if anybody is interested.
    THE greatest advantage of this forum is pretty obvious: everyone is willing to help and answer questions. But it gets kind of dull to answer the same thing numerous times over dozens of threads. Like "do I need rails for that?" "what lens should I buy?", "how can I mount this?", "is it heavy?", "what's the filter size for XYZ lens?" etc...
    Based on what I read here, almost all frequent users had at least a couple different lenses and knows their advantages and quirks, as well as many important detail about them (which is very hard to find through google). I myself had about ten different anamorphics so far, and still look to test some more.
    The main idea is to compile all of this data into a series of threads, named according to each lens, so everyone can have easy access to it. Then, use one main thread as index. All threads first/main posts will be constantly updated until every field is filled. (something like this chart - http://super8wiki.com/index.php/Anamorphic_Lenses - but with more useful information).
    I'm thinking basic information, like:
    A couple photos of it (standardized size and resolution) and a link to a more comprehensive gallery.
    Weight: (in grams and pounds)
    Front element size: glass only, in millimeters
    Rear element size: glass only, in millimeters
    Taking lens minimum focal length (based on Full Frame):
    Focusing mode: single focus, dual focus, focus through, etc
    Minimum focusing distance:
    Mounting solution: Is there a specific clamp for it? Just using stepping rings will do the job? links to custom setups, etc...
    Filter thread: size, or solution to create threads (front clamp, gluing rings...)
    Pros: everything we can come up that is good about it, advantages when compared to other lenses. Like "don't need diopters", very lightweight, sharp edge to edge, flares nicely (this can also be seen as a con), etc...
    Cons: well, pretty much the opposite of the things above! bad image quality on edges, chromatic aberration, requires tiny apertures, etc...
    Tricks of the trade / Observations: anything specific regarding working with this particular lens, that wasn't mentioned properly in any of the above fields. Rehousing options (and prices), repairs, mods, etc...
    Do you guys think there's something missing? I've decided to avoid fields like "score" or "price range", since they change dramatically from time to time, or user to user. Is this a good idea?
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    Gábor Ember reacted to bootsie in [Closed] Current e-bay auctions for anamorphic adapters   
    The dutch Iscorama 54 arrived today in mint condition. Focus is smooth as can be. I'm overwhelmed.
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    Gábor Ember reacted to Stanley Hsu in Sun Anamorphic Adapter 16   
    I made a short video this weekend with the SUN anamorphic + Nikon Micro-NIKKOR 55mm f/2.8 on the GH2.
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    Gábor Ember reacted to Stanley Hsu in Sun Anamorphic Adapter 16   
    Looking forward to seeing your shots, Gábor. 
    I've tried the Sun with my Helios 44. Images look pretty sharp to me when in focus. What do you think?
    Here are some screenshots with the Helio 44M:



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    Gábor Ember reacted to JohnBarlow in Sun Anamorphic Adapter 16   
    I see your using split dioptres. Normally splits are for keeping foreground and background in focus simultaneously, used the other way round you can achieve some creative effects
    Here is an example with a split +3 running from 1 to 7 o'clock with the clear side on the left, it was shot in adobe 1998 so may look a litlle washed out on your screen. Notice the extreme glow ;)

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    Gábor Ember got a reaction from Tito Ferradans in Rehousing LA7200. Help needed!   
    Check this out: http://www.emachineshop.com/ If I understand correclty you can use their free CAD software to design your parts, send it and the company creates it in their machine shop. Now I don't know if they ship to Brazil. I guess you can find other companies like this.
    Edit: I just did a quick trial and their software looks pretty easy to handle. You can preview the model in 3D in one click and the program should calculate the cost of the parts and also shipping. Their site says that international shipping is available.
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    Gábor Ember got a reaction from Zmu in Rehousing LA7200. Help needed!   
    I see. Then there is your answer, use CAD for modeling and use Max for previsualization, render.
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    Gábor Ember got a reaction from Tito Ferradans in Sun Anamorphic Adapter 16   
    And it is done!




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    Gábor Ember got a reaction from JohnBarlow in Sun Anamorphic Adapter 16   
    And it is done!




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