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  1. If you need any beta testers, let me know. I would be willing to pay for the prototype and shipping. I would like to use it on a gimbal to help keep focus. We shoot a variety of projects from a local TV show to events like weddings. We shoot short films, web series, and we just completed our first feature. Plus, we film a fair amount of corporate and commercial work locally. We would switch completely to the BMPCC if the autofocus were better for our event work. When it is that run and gun, we prefer some good tracking autofocus. Thanks!
  2. That's not rolling shutter. Those trains are actually bending the space-time continuum. ;)
  3. Two points I want to add.   1.  Will this be another Blackmagic Design over-promise and under-deliver?  Another huge shipping delay could occur because of something unexpected happening.   For example, they get more orders than expected combined with some sort of supply chain delay cause problems again.     2.  I agree with Vidrios and just want to reiterate that regardless of Black Magic's history of over-promising and under-delivering, these are still truly amazing times to be a filmmaker.  Just a few years ago we dreamed of shooting images of the
  4. I still think it's worth the wait.  $4000 for 4k raw/prores or $1000 for raw/prores video?  I can wait another 6 months for those things.  I don't know of anything else that is out there that comes close in terms of price/features.  If there is, let me know and I'll put my order in for those cameras.  The ML mark iii raw workflow is still in Alpha, so I don't really count that yet.     Was anyone really expecting Black Magic to deliver in mass quantities on July 25, 2013? I know we all hoped they would.  I bet Black Magic thought they would too, but r
  5. Can you add one more benefit to your list at the bottom? -Many of us, if not most, of us already own the 5D Mark iii and the entire system surrounding it (lenses, rigs, etc.)   A big thank you to the Magic Lantern team. 
  6. We use FCPX and recently edited Red Raw with our 13" MacBook Pro with 4GB of RAM.  We recently upped the memory to 16GB in that machine from www.MacSales.com.  My point being that pure power is not necessarily needed if you are using FCPX.   Granted many old school editors hate FCPX but I personally think it is the future.  I was a hater of FCPX before but have grown to love it.   Just something to consider.  For a $1100 real Mac with FCPX, you could be editing raw.
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