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  1. I wanted to share my first film shot on the Canon C100 Cinema Cam. I shot the whole thing in one weekend for a 48 Hour Film Festival using only 3 Zeiss ZE lenses: 15mm 2.8, 35mm 1.4, and 85mm 1.4. 90% of it ended up on the 35mm. Amazing Lens!   I really liked the look of the C100 with the Zeisses. We shot, not in C-Log, but  the "High Dynamic Range" profile. Feels very filmic to me. (Some shots more than others.) Also, the C100 was a breeze to shoot on for a 48 hour festival. Adaptable to all 5 of our locations within seconds and post-production was cake. Such an easy workflow.   Tell me what you think!   http://vimeo.com/64573912  
  2. Thanks for the suggestions guys. It's getting me thinking.   @Kraemer and Bruno -  The BMCC sounds like an awesome camera for comercial and narrative use but for weddings it would take more work and money. I start with my clients practically when they get up in the morning and are at their side till the end of the reception. I burn through about 5-6 16G CF cards in a day on a wedding shoot (and I am just one of three shooters). I couldn't imagine how many SSD's I would need even if I was shooting in ProRes not Raw.   I could try to get a BMCC and just use it for what its good at (docs and narrative) and continue to use the MkII's for weddings.    The price is a bit much with SSDs and Batteries for me at the moment but then again I probably have another 4-6 months to save till it becomes available.   @Zach -  3k seems a lot to pay for (what I see as) minor upgrades from the MKII for video. No aliasing or Moire. Better Low light. Pretty close to the same image as the MkII. I feel like I am paying 3k for an awesome AF system and other photo related features I wont use. If only the 6D had no moire and better ISO but it looks exactly the same as the MkII.
  3. Do you think the GH3 will get a hack? That might make it more tempting.
  4. I'm in a tricky situation.   I have been saving for the last 6 months to buy a camera (about 3k) and am troubled about which one I really should pull the trigger on.   I have been using purely Canon DSLR's for the past year by working for a friend filming and editing "cinematic" weddings as well as our first commercial work. For the past 4 months it has been enough for me to work full time on. We have used 5DmkII's and 60d's mostly with a full set up of L glass--all his.   Now I want to own something for myself. I'm used to Canons but not terribly excited about their new tech out. I can borrow glass from him to start but plan to purchase some of my own later in 2013.    I want to use this on small documentary work and some narrative shorts that I have been writing. Something I could use for work though is important. Can't justify 3k on just a hobby.   My initial thoughts on cameras:   -Need to be versatile and adaptable to different situations for Event Videography -Form factor is important. Less rigging the better. I shoot mostly on a monopod and try to get my subject to feel very comfortable. I don't like hiding behind a wall of cords and knobs. Also the more rigging the less creative I tend to be with shot angles as I feel too worn down by weight. -Unique. My one complaint with Canon and L glass is it just feels so sterile. Not much character in flares and things. -Stills are not important. -Needs to last me 2 years.   Which camera fits my need? GH3, 6D, 5DmkIII, or BMCC? To me they each have a lot of ups and downs.   Thanks
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