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  1. ​I thought this was a poll where everyone is allowed to express their own opinion. Just because I think differently than you, doesn't mean I'm automatically wrong.
  2. Andrew, is it too late to suggest an 'option 7'? 18mm T3.1 - 25mm T2.1 - 35mm T2.1 - 50mm T2.1 - 85mm T2.1 This is just personal preference, but from my experience when folks want to shoot longer than 85 they use a zoom like a 70-200. I think SLR Magic should focus more on wide angle options because there are plenty of crop cameras being used for cinematography.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! :) This isn't exactly the first edit though, I've done a few different edits, different speeds/ pacing and effects ( old film damage, vhs type damage, lens flares, light leaks etc ) -they just don't like any of it. I think what they really want is for the edit to be really fast, like a Bourne movie. Problem is I haven't shot as much footage as I should have for a five piece band, so I'm wondering how can I adapt my footage for that... to be honest I want to keep working on it until I feel they're satisfied with it, I just don't hav
  4. Hi dudes, I've been a long time reader here and this is my first proper comment. Recently me and my colleague set up a production company for narrative projects and our first project was a music video. We tried to offer a band we know (signed to an independent label) something different, with a plotline of a cagefighter to cut back to back to them playing in an abandoned industrial location we've rented for the day. We asked for a decent budget of £800, which in the end left about £100 for me and £100 for my producer/ 1st AD. It was just us two on the crew. They think we
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