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  1. Hi, the mediafire link is invalid, where could I download the software, please? Thanks a lot.
  2. Thx you so much Reinaissance. Actually a good challenge could be: mft Nocticron f/1.2 vs SpeedBoster + Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 L II. If I'm right, in this case Canon wins in low-light. But as you said Nocticron without SpeedBoster remain sharpest. In your opinion, which between the two set handles better the noise? I mean... Canon is faster but softer with SpeedBooster (and without IS), while Nocticron darker but sharper (and IS). So if I shoot in 4K and then downscale to HD, which lens will give me less noise? Thx a lot.
  3. Which set gives the best low light performance: 1. GH4 + Speed Booster + EF f/1.4 lens 2. GH4 + mft Nocticron f/1.2 lens Thx
  4. I've a question: In this test I see wider dynamic range and less noise in Sony's footage, but now GH4 can have V-Log L profile that should improve DR by 2 stops! And more than this, GH4's HDMI outputs 10bit against the A7R2 that outputs only 8bit, so using the Atomos Assassin (422 Prores) on both the cameras we could see the advantage for the GH4 in post, and then prehaps the two products get closer. So, who would be the winner if GH4 is equipped with V-Log L and 10bit Prores? (please guys give me an answer because I have to decide which one to buy
  5. [quote name='Mirrorkisser' timestamp='1346586792' post='17155'] or wait for either the black magic cinema camera,the gh3 or sony alpha 99. [/quote] Blackmagic Cinema Camera is a strange phenomenon for me: 12bit DNG-RAW is perfect for color-correction, but the sensor is smaller than 4/3, so critical in low-light with high ISO, tele-cropped, no shallow DOF... I don't understand the "sense" of this camera. [quote name='Mirrorkisser' timestamp='1346586792' post='17155'] But i would always choose the gh2 with a good lens park over the 5dIII with shitty lenses. [/quote] Guys, which is your advice for a fast primes-only bag (4 or 5 primes)? Also anamorphic or normal+adepter? [quote name='Mirrorkisser' timestamp='1346586792' post='17155'] If the GH2 was priced equally as the 5dIII, i would certainly go for the 5d. [/quote] So don't you agree that 5D3 is "softer" than GH2? Is it just a matter of money? And... 5D2-VAF vs D800-VAF? Thx P. S. [quote name='QuickHitRecord' timestamp='1346557931' post='17132'] I do have high hopes for the GH3. [/quote] ...me too ;)
  6. Thanks for your replies guys! [quote name='kirk' timestamp='1346433270' post='17039'] there are lenses available with extremely shallow DOF if you want it (f/0.95), and shooting in low light is absolutely possible if done with care.... [/quote] Well, 800$-camera with a 10K$-lens? Perhaps! But f/0,95 is out budget for me ;). Anyway, what do you exactly mean with «low light [...] done with care»? Without light panels, evening or indoor natural light only is always critical - I think - for low-light nuances (not just a bright candle in a black field). And I've seen [url="http://vimeo.com/42091083"]THIS TEST[/url] with GH2 vs FS100 vs 5D3: 5D3 wins low-light test but the image is a bit soft, GH2 is noisy during changes of light, FS100 is in the middle for low-light performance but the image is more defined than 5D3. [quote name='QuickHitRecord' timestamp='1346448326' post='17045'] I have also shot with the 5D Mark III. You can get a nice cinematic image out of it. But it's pricey for what you get. [/quote] I agree: perhaps - up to now - the choice could be between FS100 or 5D2+VAF. But if both the cameras (GH2 and 5D3) were priced equal - theorically - which one would you prefer QuickHitRecord? [quote name='galenb' timestamp='1346441226' post='17044'] This one has an amazingly cinematic feel too and shows off how good GH2 anamorphic can look [/quote] I know almost nothing about anamorphic lenses, but it seems a great solution for cine look. I've read that there are anamorphic lenses or anamorphic adaptors. Which lenses or adapters do you advice to me, and where is it possible to buy them? Vignetting issues or definition's loss? Thx
  7. Thanks for your replies. If I correctly understand your advices, 1. for low-light and shallow DOF the best choice is FS100 (having money) 2. for low-light and shallow DOF the cheap best choice is 5D2 + VAF + MagicLantern (28mm to tele) 3. GH2 is a great and cheap camera but needs light and can't give shallow DOF 4. 5D3's "softness" isn't "cinematographic" at all! Is it all correct? Now, about "cinematographic look" lenses, which is your advice? I think that all my takes will be based on tripod (as I said, long still takes) or steadi (the talent is walking on the street and I follow her remaining at her shoulders for close-up) so probably I don't need stabilized lenses. The maximum wide take will be a surface of 2,5m at a distance of 2m, so a 28mm lens on a 36mm sensor. For low-light performance and "cine" look I think probably primes only with fixed aperture (f/1,4 to f/2). But I also need a lens for close-up (all-screen face, all-screen hands, etc.) So an idea of lenses-bag could be: 1. for 5D2: -Samyang 35mm f/1,4 -Canon 50mm f/1,4 -Samyang 85mm f/1,4 -Canon 200mm f/2,8L -OR- Canon MACRO 100mm f/2,8L (for close-up?) 2. for GH2: -Olympus Zuiko 12mm f/2 ED -Leica 25mm f/1,4 DG Summilux -Leica 45mm f/2,8 MACRO DG -Olympus Zuiko 75mm f/1,8 ED (for close up thanks to the crop factor?) 3. for FS100: -Samyang 24mm f/1,4 -Samyang 35mm f/1,4 -Sony-a 50mm f/1,4 -Samyang 85mm f/1,4 (for close-up?) So, any advice about this lenses-gear? And do you think the lenses I marked for close-up are sufficient for the kind of close-up I described above? One last thing: the Shuttle2. Admin, you say that I won't need the Shuttle unless I'm doing a lot of action sequences and jerky handheld stuff. Well, as I said I'll use only tripod and steadi. But surely I'll use color-correction (SpeedGrade or DaVinci) and perhaps having the 10bit Uncompressed files out of the Shuttle (even if from the 8bit-only FS100's HDMI) should make the difference, isn't it? (I could use the compressed files from the FS100 as proxy, and the Uncompressed files as native.) What do you think about it? Thx
  8. Hi, I have to decide which camera is better for an indie feature.
 I need mainly two things: "cinematographic look" (and narrow DOF) and low-light ability. Filming will be make of long still "pictorial" takes based on indoor natural low-light only (even in evening). My first choice was 5D3 for it's low-light performance, but many guys say that it isn't a good choice for video, and that GH2 is a better choice because it's more detailed and without moire. I like the detailed GH2, but it's a bit noisy in low-light, and mainly I'm asking if GH2 detailed image has that cinematographic look I'm searching for, if it is a better "cine" choice than 5D3 or 5D2+MosaicFilter. 
So, what is your advice for "cine" look (and narrow DOF) + low-light performance?
 1. 5D2+VAF(MosaicFilter)+MagicLantern?
 2. 5D3? 
3. D800+VAF(MosaicFilter)+Shuttle2? 
4. GH2+hackedFirmware? 
5. FS100+Shuttle2? 6. Waiting for new GH3?
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