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  1. Hello everyone ! This is my new movie. It's entitled « eet Gourmandise ». This is a film about the preparation of cake, a "entremets", specially created for the film. You can see it there : It was shot with : Canon 5D MarkII with Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L + 70-200mm f/2.8 L + 100mm Macro. It was editing with Avid and color graded with DaVinci Resolve. I wanted to show you and to have your feedbacks. So if you like it, do not hesitate to share the link of the video on social networks, with your community (Facebook, Twitter ...) Thank you. Have a nice day. ...and "Bon Appétit" !! Florent.
  2. Hi, I have to decide which camera is better for an indie feature.
 I need mainly two things: "cinematographic look" (and narrow DOF) and low-light ability. Filming will be make of long still "pictorial" takes based on indoor natural low-light only (even in evening). My first choice was 5D3 for it's low-light performance, but many guys say that it isn't a good choice for video, and that GH2 is a better choice because it's more detailed and without moire. I like the detailed GH2, but it's a bit noisy in low-light, and mainly I'm asking if GH2 detailed image has that cinematographic look I'm searching for, if it is a better "cine" choice than 5D3 or 5D2+MosaicFilter. 
So, what is your advice for "cine" look (and narrow DOF) + low-light performance?
 1. 5D2+VAF(MosaicFilter)+MagicLantern?
 2. 5D3? 
3. D800+VAF(MosaicFilter)+Shuttle2? 
4. GH2+hackedFirmware? 
5. FS100+Shuttle2? 6. Waiting for new GH3?
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