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    I've just ordered an A6000, which should arrive tomorrow. I'm going to pit it against my current GX7. Do any of you guys want to know anything? I will be testing it for a couple days; after which I will decide which one to keep.


    BTW the main reasons I've bought it to possibly replace the GX7 are as follows:

    • Optically stabalised 50mm and 75mm equivalent lenses.
    • Purportedly good video quality.
    • More range in the RAW files.
    • If I ever need to, I can build up the system with monitors or recorders using the HDMI slot.
    • Possibility of using Canon EF lenses with electronic control. Though for the foreseeable future I won't need this.
    • Region switchable.
    • The fast and accurate autofocus means that when I'm run and gunning, I won't need to manually focus, which tends to mean knocking the camera about and disturbing the video.
    • The better grip and overall nicer finish.

    My reservations about replacing the GX7 are currently as follows:

    • I absolutely love the Oly 17mm because of its manual feel in use. And the equivalent focal length on the Sony E system is twice the price of it.
    • The Panasonic menu system is the best I've ever used (and I've used pretty much all the systems).
    • The silent mode is very handy.
    • The exposure and whitebalance metering are also the best I've ever used.
    • The control over dynamic range in videos/JPG you have with the GX7 is amazing.



    i found the videoquality of the gh3 still a bit better then the a6000.

    what would be interesting is how would the a6000 preform with the new anounced atomos ninja star.

    I defenatly love the finer grain of the a6000 and the more detail. overall color and feel of the picture is nicer then my gh3.

    but the sharpness is still not gh3 like, for me.

    Could be possible because i had a preproduction model.


    so share some videos ;)

  2. Hi Andrew, as you said, it's a perfect cam for aerial filming. But does it have live HDMI out while recording? Doesn't have to be hdmi, composite is also okay, but needs to be active while recording. otherwise it's almost useless for aerial work. I was a bit disappointed that the gx7 and the g6 doesn't have live video out while recording. So i'm using the GH3 now. But something lighter with same or better quality is always good :)

  3. What about using the remote viewing feature with a mobile app? In one of the video demonstrations, it looks like the guy was able to control the focus with his Samsung android device, using clicks on the screen to pull focus. Perhaps this one can do live streaming during recording unlike the GH3?


    this would work a the beginning, but i'm flying in ranges up to 500meters away. the wifi didn't handle that. also i could make inteferences with my rc remote because it's also using 2,4ghz.

  4. oh man just saw your post zebraworkz, wish i could've responded earlier

    no problem. amazon is very good in taking stuff back :)

    the lcd is great for filming, but when you want to have a live picture while your gx7 is up in the air on your multikopter you want to see what you are filming. and that's only possible with a video output. on this we connect a vieo transmitter to send the videosignal down to our external monitor. i could use a small fpv cam and put it beside the gx7 but when changing the focal lenght you don't have the same framing. last possiblity is to point the small fpc cam on the gx7s lcd display. but this will make things bulkier.



  5. we need videooutput. Because we have to see what it captures in air. we are gonna use it for aerial filming.

    I ordered the GX7 now. they say it has live hdmi out and videoquality should be similar to the gh3. but no higher bitrates. but i can live with it if the quality is like the g6. I will tell you when i did the first test, hopefully tomorrow.

  6. Hi Guys,


    i love the g6 videoquality, specialy for aerial filming would this be a perfect solution (light and small but sharp picture). But with no live video output it is useless for me. Anyone know a camera with almost the same picturequality but not bigger then the g6 and a live videooutput. it doesn't matter if analog or hdmi. but it needs to be working even when i hit the record button.


    maybe someone has an idea. i'm using the nex5 right now. gh3 is also nice, but a bit to big. maybe a bmpcc, but i would like to have the 50p, because i'm doing a lot of sport and car stuff.




  7. Pretty sure they are flying blind..... shooting wide, deep DOF and at infinity focus.

    I've not seen the top gear episode.... But if it is showing some kind of setup where it is broadcast back to a monitor... it's probably done in post.

    Could be wrong though, but likely.

    To the guys asking how/if they see the picture of the camera when flying. Yes they see it in realtime, but it's not hd. It's an sd stream most time send over 5.8ghz because 2.4ghz is used for radio.

    Normal range is around 500-700meters, if you upgrade to diversity and better antennas, 1,5km are no problem. And that all in legal frequencys.

    If you want to see my aerial footage. www.zebraworkz.com

    Greetings from berlin
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