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  1. Got a brand new GX80 with kit lens for $199 last year as a clearance sale, so yes it's possible if you are lucky!
  2. I watched it on a calibrated 55" OLED TV in a dark room and it was still to dark in some scenes! Heard that the made it dark to keep the vfx budget from going crazy.
  3. I stopped using DP Review as my #1 stop for digital camera reviews years ago, when ads became there #1 priority, not reviews. However the still have a nice comparison tool for image quality.
  4. I once had an interesting discussion with a Best Buy store manager about the apparent 1 year cycle on low to mid en consumer electronic. He claimed that Best Buy had a policy to discontinue electronic after one year and move it to a less salable position after 6 month since consumer lost interest. And as a result manufacturer came up with new product to cover this time frame.   That is, new models where often not driven by new technology/features, but rather by consumer interest/buying pattern!  
  5. Interresting film with the Casio F1, the US version of TZ40/ZS30 can do 720p at 120fps and 640x480 at 240 fps (EU version 100/200 fps).
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