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  1. Sure, select one that suits you: https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/roman-medvid/id1180410540
  2. Hey folks, I developed a free director's viewfinder app for iPhones / iPad (poor man's Artemis? ? ) The suported cameras are ARRI, Red, Blackmagic, Sony, etc. It lets you see exact framing for your favorite camera just where you stand with an iPhone in your hand. So you can plan your next shoot on location even if you don't have a camera or a lens with you. The app features support for: - optical adapters (boosters) - anamorphic lenses - LUTs (M31, Teal+Orange, etc) - frame guides The app has ads but I tried to make them non-intrusive. Besides, you can tur
  3. Well, this is great, but I cannot see how present lenses will cope with this resolution. All professional fixed lens don't go higher than 60-70 l/mm, which leads to 20MP clean resolution max. If they don't announce a special line of lenses for this beast, I will be totally puzzled, unless I'm wrong in my estimations. I currently use Mamiya camera + Phase One P40+ digital back and am totally happy with the setup. So also curious how it stands against this Canon...
  4. Hey all, I developed an Android app that serves you as director's viewfinder. Having your Android device with you, you can see exact framing of your Pocket camera on location, applying your lenses and boosters. Planning your lens setup has never been easier! Please check out the app: Play Market The app has ads in it, though not too nasty. You can always switch to a paid Magic Universal Viewfinder that has no ads, no limits and lots of cameras supported -- like BMCC, BMPC4K, 5D Mark III and 4/3 sensored-cameras. Enjoy and feel free to give your feedback! Thanks!
  5. Andrew,   Thanks for the review. I'm curious about Canon 50D -- I remember you took some interest in ML implementation on that camera.   Some time ago I made a brief comparison in terms of DR between BMCC and Canon 50D (it was published at ML forum), and my wild guess was that 50D is 1-1.5 stop behind BMCC in terms of DR.   So what do you think of 50D? Don't you think it would be a more appropriate choice over 7D? Thanks for your opinion in advance!   PLEASE PLEASE notice this post buried in fan-boys' nice fights ))
  6.   Oscar, but how these settings affect RAW? I always thought that these settings affect only post-RAW material...
  7.   Zach, why don't you post some DNG for us to have a look? All the output from 50D is generally amazing, so I hope this can be solved. Just share your roll )
  8. Julian, Oscar, thanks people!   I keep wondering, looking at this 5-year-old hardware -- what's in the Canon's lab today, ha?
  9.   Oscar thanks a lot! May I ask just to cast away all doubts: HDMI out is working simultaneously as RAW is being recorded to CF card? You made my day anyway, have a good day too! )   PS Oops, I guess the image on the monitor shows that the camera is recording RAW )
  10.   Julian, with all due respect and appreciation for your time and efforts: what this test is supposed to show? Rolling Shutter? no. Moire? Hardly. Resolution? Doubt it )))) Just your thoughts behind this. Please no offense )
  11. Haven't spotted skipped frames on the girl's walking....
  12.   Bruno, there are different Clients. Also, if the ML release becomes stable, I don't see any reason not to shoot paid projects. Anyway, the question remains and hopefully someone will answer soon. Cheers...
  13.   But cutting off 2 or 4 bits has nothing to do with floating point calculations. For the processor it takes only to perform a byte-rotating command which is extremely low-resource consuming, as far as I remember from Asm programming. Squeezing 14 bits into 10 or 12 is much simpler than debayering or encoding for sure. So I tend to have big faith in this feature. Ml team really rock....   Now, let's beat some dead dogs here ))))   Andrew reported that on 5DM3 he can both: have the RAW stream recorded on CF card and have the HDMI feed transmitted to a monitor.   Is th
  14.   I was asking about recording encoded video feed from HDMI -- simultaneous to RAW being recorded to CF card, certainly not raw itself through HDMI... Anyway, forget it )))) -- Заблудились в трех соснах -- Transl: We are lost in a forest made up of 3 trees (joke with no offense to anybody's ego)))
  15.   Andy600, it is written here: http://magiclantern.wikia.com/wiki/Unified   Nobody was asking about recording RAW through HDMI, I was asking early porters if there is on opportunity to record the playback through HDMI.   You wrote quite obvious guesses and thoughts, but I'm expecting a generous answer from someone who has the 50D hacked in their hands.   Thanks!
  16.   Julian, I'm asking practical early porters about the current alpha status. Thanks )))
  17. Hey all,   Can anyone clarify about the live HDMI feed from 50D during RAW recording?   On ML site it says there is support for HDMI recorders but not HDMI monitors.... How is that?   The practical side of this question is: how can I review /  playback during shooting. Clients do require that. Thanks for all the revolutionary research!!!
  18. Could someone resolve a contradiction in my thoughts please? On one side, we all -- me totally included -- are excited about this pre-beta firmware release that is said to record RAW to a CF card. And as a result we are told that the processor is virtually idle in this process -- you can play Tetris or something even better during recording ) On the other hand -- several times I read in this thread that technically it is not RAW, it is some intermediary format and essentially is 14-bit YUV 422 video stream, which in my mind doesn't meet the RAW mark. More than that, the processor may b
  19. Andrew, before chart-lovers hijack this thread: You wrote: "I couldn’t get above 1fps in Premiere CS5.5" I could be saying stupid silly stuff, but I couldn't overcome exactly the same rate -- 1 fps -- in Premire Pro until I realized that imported DNG sequence [u]is interpreted as a 1 fps sequence[/u]. Then I right-clicked my clips in Project Bin and in "Modify > Interpret footage..." pop-up menu changed 1fps to 24 fps. :)
  20. wow, seems like a huge topic Burnet, could you give any hints on the technique? Is it two layers with luma mapping or something? Your shots do look like LCE (like Unsharp Mask in Photoshop) to me, though.
  21. Andrew, I second the call for simplicity ) The division of the forum by cameras made cinema5d less human. Really. Right now the forum of eoshd.com is driven by your posts, very information-packed and cutting edge ones. Keep it up, drive it. Good luck and enjoy this community. Thnx for your efforts.
  22. rommex

    4K for $1k

    Wise selection of ports, of lens mount; the modular concept... I guess in a year or so we'll be recalling the BMCC fever with an ironic smile  :P
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