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  1. I agree there is no sense to follow Canon's updates. I use both still and video capability of my 7D, and own quite a line of EF glass. So I plan to downgrade from 7D to 550D and use the money for the future BMCC. I don't care about the 7D "imminent" firmware update (gosh, it took them SO long to do any update). 550D is known as the best Magic Lantern'friendly camera, so I will finally use ML.
  2. [quote author=5DGH link=topic=625.msg4589#msg4589 date=1335213546] "a sensor so powerful it is vacuum cooled." Speechless...because it's such a nonsense. [/quote] It has so much vacuum in its cooling system as the device called vacuum cleaner does) Try to relax and have a flexible mind.
  3. [quote][size=14pt]This video cannot be downloaded anymore today.[/size] [/quote]  :P Anyway, Andrew thanks for this experimaent. BTW, did you notice any effective increase in ISO without the filter? It should have been in place, I believe. Since I also don't believe Canon will release any firmware upgrade to enhance output quality of video, I guess my best move would be selling my 7D right away, picking up a second-hand 550D and smashing it with Magic Lantern to the fullest, meanwhile waiting for the BMD camera. BMD cinema camera seems overwhelming in terms of specs / cos
  4. [quote author=Simco123 link=topic=596.msg4474#msg4474 date=1335005054] ... Do you think the EF-S 17-55 f2.8 IS the best walk around lens for the BM?... [/quote] "walk around lens for BM" sounds like self-contradictory, don't you think?)) a clever suggestion for a one4all lens option though. 17mm for BM is like 24mm on my 7D. And my 24-70L is one of those lenses when no wide is necessary.
  5. [quote author=emgesp link=topic=613.msg4469#msg4469 date=1334995090] I wonder what Canon/Panasonic will do if this camera really takes off. [/quote] I really hope nothing bad happens to the production facilities / supplies chain / management / key investors of BMD in a couple of months. It's always cheaper to sabotage than to compete.
  6. [quote author=wondo link=topic=613.msg4465#msg4465 date=1334988676] guys, have you ever heard that it`s possible to stop a lens down? [/quote] wondo, why would you like to play Captain Obvious? ) Of course someone else also knows how to stop down, thus having to raise ISO level, thus using that HIGH-ISO functionality that FF cameras provide. This whole thing was discussed 3 years ago 300 times. Don't pick it up again...
  7. I personally feel there have been so many wise decisions made during the development of this camera: - 12bit RAW (awesome for post-grading) - 2.5K (just the necessary premium over full HD needed to crop after stabilization / or after some "digital" zooming in) The mount system and powering option does baffle me though. As well as Thunderbolt (does it mean my supercharged Sony Vaio with USB 3.0 / Firewire ports stands shamed? ) As the "soft-and-not-sharp" picture of the sample footage caused some people's dissappointment, in the same fashion it gave me the itc
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