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  1. I shoot product videos in studio and have found that my Canon 5dm3, while not the best resolving quality possible, matches the colour accuracy extremely well. That's out of the box 5dm3 video (not RAW). When I tried the Sony a7s the colours were not correct, red was more brown than it should have been. Really too bad, cause it means I cannot use the Sony in studio for product videos.
  2. Like others have mentioned, the reason I still use the Canon Mk3 is for colour and simple out of the box video. It just looks good. I work in a studio, where we do a lot of product video. Once I tried to test the A7s and couldn't get my colours accurate. Yes the image was very nice, but the red showing in the video out of the SONY simply was not the same red as the product was, whereas the CANON was the exact same colour. For my studio shooting I'm not interested in grading every image, or even setting up a profile, I want to pick up the camera and have perfect colour just by setting a white balance. I was shooting rec 709 on the SONY btw -I feel that this should have given me good colour representation. Any one else have this experience? Any real colour comparison tests done out there?
  3. Andrew, have been a long time fan, your blog is a daily read for me! Feedback: The new magazine style layout needs some consideration, I have "Pictured: Venerable 5D Mark II used on new Mad Max movie" post showing 4 times on the homepage! This is redundant and unnecessarily taking up valuable home page real estate. 1.Head post 2.Latest News 3.Creative Filmmaking 4. Archives Also, since I read EVERYTHING you post I was a perfect fan of the old school one post in line blog style. Content vs Style? White/Light background is much better, black background makes me feel tired, and therefore want to spend less time on your site. Keep it up!
  4. Hey Andrew, great work, love the site. Was wondering, which mount is your Sigma 18-35 on m43 Speedbooster? x to m43? thanks.
  5. I've ben really curious as to how different manufacturers match up picture wise.  I own a Sony NX5U and that is my main event vid camera, and I've been wanting to pickup a second camera dslr body but not super impressed with the NEX sony's.  I've mixed footage with Canon 5DMk2/3 and don't find it matches all that well either.   Does anyone know would this camera or say a Canon 60D or GH2/3 match well with the image from my NX5U?   
  6. My question is about mixing footage specifically from Sony to Panasonic (or secondly Canon) cameras. In my experience each company has a color profile, and within a brand cameras tend to match decently out of the box.   I am a Sony owner of an NX5U video camera and have had experience mixing footage with Canon videocameras and DSLRs.  The colors do not match perfectly,  but for my wedding clients it is passable.    Does anyone have knowledge of how well pana + sony might mix? I'm wondering specifically how well the Sony NX5U might match with a panasoinc GH2/3 (used as a b-cam)?   I'm considering purchasing either a Sony NEX series (NEX 6) or a GH2/3.  But I don't want to have to color correct all my footage to match with my workhorse NX5U.   Thanks, .David
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