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  1. raphwoody

    How would you grade this?

    Well, liking the teal and orange look, I tried it out with this image and this is what I got out of Resolve.
  2. raphwoody

    The Sony NEX FS700 - 4K for $8k

    But won't such a camera, for all intents and purposes, make the Sony F3 obsolete?
  3. Regarding sharpness asked Sam Moore about it on vimeo: One question, what was the sharpness setting in camera? Sam Morgan Moore "sorry did not check the sharpness - so 'as it comes' I guess image I set to neutral" And like i said on vimeo, that's actually interesting, if it was on default setting it would be interessing to see if the digital sharpening has been improved and if using it to a greater extent makes the sharpness on the MkIII comparable to that on the MkII.