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    Shawn_Lights reacted to nazdar in A look at raw video on the Canon 600D   
    Its funny when they show development of new raw camera or raw hack like everybody is instantly ordering or selling without waiting how this camera or hack will really perform in all aspects. What a hype :) Before it was like only few wanted to be guinea pigs with first generation of gadgets and now you show just first picture without drops from laboratory and crowds are yelling shut up and take my money :)))) Funny times.
    But I love this RAW hype, we deserve it after long years of fidling with mushy fuzzy pictures and industry crippling cameras.

    Vive la revolution, vive le ML, vive le camera engineurs!
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    Shawn_Lights got a reaction from mtheory in The impact of 5D Mark III raw and what does Vincent Laforet think of it?   
    I try to look at things from multiple perspectives. I shoot for myself and also for clients so I have to look at things in a different light.

    The practicality of the 5D raw is important to look at. However, not in the total misunderstanding way some professionals are (heating). I think recording time and the CF cards price:footage ratio is something we have to look at. There is practical things to be considered.

    I can't for the life of me understand why one wouldn't find this breakthrough exciting. It's simply amazing what the ML team has done and it should be treated as such.

    Where I differ from Andrew is (unless they fix the recording times) I wouldn't have the 5D raw as my A cam. Well even if they fix the recording time I may still use it as a B cam. Reason being not all jobs require raw and I rather not have to shoot h.264. It can be my A cam for certain things that require stealth and doesn't require controlled subjects. Thinking nature type stuff. 

    So I would go for the BMCC 4k + 5D3 raw. BMCC will handle my main stuff, but I can always go to the 5D for those full frame needing shots or establishing/scenery shots. I can get wider on the 5D and I think I can use that creatively.

    I'm also a fan of 16mm since I came from shooting on the Bolex and Arri-S. I will still have the pocket camera in my arsenal. Sometimes I need a greater dof etc.

    So for me I think the 5D raw fits into my system. I agree that the practical aspects need to be considered, but it's very early in the development and this is a free upgrade on a old camera.

    I never the type to go with one camera so people may not like this post of mine. I find using each cameras' strengths works best for me. I'm not married to any one of them. The dismissiveness of some of the bloggers is frankly annoying.
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    Shawn_Lights got a reaction from terozzz in BIG NEWS - Hands on with CONTINUOUS raw recording on Canon 5D Mark III   
    In order for this to be successful this feature has to trickle down to the Rebel cameras as well. If the Magic Lantern team can get this on the 550D, 600D, 7D, and 5D Mk II...game over.
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    Shawn_Lights got a reaction from nahua in Zacuto Revenge Shootout 2012 Part 2 results revealed - Francis Ford Coppola and audience prefer the Panasonic GH2   
    [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1342408742' post='13943']
    I agree to some extent that the test scene was more TV soap than art house cinema :D

    But this did not for me make me dislike the way some of the cameras were handled. These DPs could only work with the set they were given and the scene is a very basic one. What I have suggested to Steve for the next shootout is to go all out on creativity and really make it a test of ideas and filmmakers rather than cameras - to take the cameras out of it entirely. But then it would lose the very useful educational purpose it serves, in showing us how these lovely tools perform in the real world. And look - I'm not The Great GH2 Defender - it is just that it has a lot of unnecessary detractors who think it looks like video when it should be obvious by now that it is a very fine cinema camera... For $700. Just putting the facts across.

    I agree I think the core of the test should change. You can make nice images for cheap, We get it already. Let's show how certain tools work best for certain purposes. Also how to get the most out of them. Perhaps they should give the operators/teams of the cameras a short script to shoot consisting of like 3 scenes. One outdoors, one indoors, and one at night. Something like that and then show how certain decisions have to be made when using a certain tool. I don't know, that's just the first thing that came to me.

    I understand totally. I don't understand the doubt with all the evidence out there. I actually don't own a GH2 yet. I plan on getting one because I think the image is lovely and it's a very powerful tool.
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    Shawn_Lights got a reaction from MattH in Zacuto Revenge Shootout 2012 Part 2 results revealed - Francis Ford Coppola and audience prefer the Panasonic GH2   
    I actually hated how the GH2 was used. Reminded me of those Spanish soap operas. I also think that people chose it because it was lit to where you can see everything. When I first saw the shots, B stood out because I was able to see everything. After I watched it several times it became one of my least favorites. Just seemed very digital. I felt the established DPs were pretty lazy here. The younger DPs lit like they had something to prove and kudos to them.

    Still it's proof that the GH2 can hang with the big boys. I was just not feeling the way it was used. The F65 and Alexa were my favs.

    If anyone picks a camera based off of this test he or she is a fool. This was more of a test of the DPs than anything.
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