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  1. I've been experimenting with EOSHD Pro Color the last few days, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Amazing! Thank you Andrew!
  2. Good idea! I wrote an email to Panasonic, but they will probably tell me that everything is ok. I can live with the fan noise, but I don't want the rattling noise to be recorded. I should try and get a new one.
  3. It's from Amazon. IBIS seems to work fine, but there is this rattling noise when I shake or tilt the camera. Yesterday, I slowly tilted the GX80 downwards, and at some point there was that "clack" again. Camera up, camera down, clack! I don't know... Maybe I should get a replacement? Can you confirm that you REALLY don't hear anything when you tilt your GX80? Just point it to the ceiling and tilt it down towards the floor. Anyway, it's not the lens. The clack noise is also audible when no lens is attached.
  4. If I turn on my GX80, I can still hear that "clack" when I tilt the camera forwards. That sound gets recorded by the mic, it annoys me. Apart from that, I really like this piece of equipment.
  5. Ok... But that "clack" when I tilt the camera forwards doesn't inspire my confidence. It's hard to believe that this internal movement helps stabilize the image, rather than make it jittery. Not to mention the clack sounds being recorded by the internal microphone. Well, let's see... I need to charge the battery and start capturing some footage.
  6. Yey! I got my GX80 today. I've never had a camera with IBIS, so I wonder if it's normal that there's always some sort of wobble going on inside the camera body. It feels like a rather big component has come loose... :D
  7. Seems like I should try every single picture profile, and then decide which one suits my needs best. Until now, I just had to grab my BMPCC and hit the record button. No need to think twice about the settings. The GX80 will finally give me 4K, but it will also take me back to the time when I got my GH2 and had to mess around with the settings. Back then, Andrew released the very helpful GH2 guide, which finally stopped me from messing around with the settings, as he already did it for me. Anyway, as there is obviously no consensus on which GX80 picture profile is well-balanced and gradable to some degree, I will have to find the time to experiment on my own. Some say that iDynamic is useful, others say it will just make the noise more obvious. Some say that contrast and saturation set to -5 will "tame" the image, others say it will do nothing but reduce color information. It would be great if you experienced GX80 users could share your settings, so that we can compare them and see what they might have in common. Just a short overview of the settings you rely on. That would be very helpful. Thanks everyone!
  8. So which settings would you suggest, Andrew? Which profile is the one you would use most often? Thanks everyone for your help!
  9. Has anyone figured out what's the best all-round picture profile that still leaves some headroom for playing with the colors in post? I'm coming from a BMPCC and will be getting the GX80 next week, but I don't have much time for experimenting with the picture profiles. Maybe some experienced GX80 users could share their favorite settings with me? Some say that "Natural" (everything -5) seems to be nicely gradable, others say that "Standard" is the better all-round setting. What are your observations?
  10. Ken Aqua, thank you for the test. What do you think causes the problem? A misaligned lens mount on the camera or the SB with a slightly skewed lens element?
  11. Ken Aqua, I couldn´t figure it out to this day... It´s rather frustrating. Do you habe exactly the same problem with the left side being slightly out of focus?
  12. That´s why I avoid shooting RAW when using the Sigma. It´s almost impossible for me to get a single moiré free shot. Look at this: http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a588/sir_danish/moire3_zpsbd471ec6.jpg~original Does this look like a streamlet? Purple and blue blotches everywhere, nobody would ever recognise this as sparkling water. I´ve been advised to shoot wide open to soften the image a bit... LOL!! Well, I can´t because of the problem mentioned above. I should try it with the pancake next time.
  13. The Lumix 14mm F2.5 doesn´t show as much moiré as the Sigma, not least because my Pancake is a rather soft lens. Mith my Sigma, I feel like I was in moiré hell.
  14. I don´t suspect the sensor to be misaligned, but the MFT mount on the camera. I´ve tried two Speed Boosters and two Sigma 18-35. Both combinations produced the same image and the in focus center was shifted. My other lens, the Lumix 14mm F2.5, is not the best comparison, because it is a rather soft lens and it only goes to 2.5 which produces a large DOF. At F2.5, the Sigma + SB look relatively fine too, because of the overall sharpness. On my GH3, the Sigma looks fine, even wide open. I think I should get another very fast lens with Nikon mount and/or another BMPCC for a quick test. In the meantime I´m going to avoid wide shots at F1.8. Axel, thanks again for your efforts!
  15. I do stabilize my camera and lens. The camera is mounted on the pocket rig from edelkrone, the Sigma rests on a lens support. http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a588/sir_danish/20140326_172322_zps1c2bbf67.jpg~original You are absolutely right, the out of focus areas move around if I grab the lens and put pressure onto it, because the whole construction is a bit loose. The lens has a tiny bit of play and the SB does too. But that´s what I got the lens support for and even though the lens should be almost perfectly aligned, there is this out of focus left side. My first Speed booster didn´t have any play at all, yet I had the same problem with the out of focus left side. Exchanging the SB and the Sigma didn´t show signs of improvement. This is how it looks like if I put the camera in front of a sceen with a grid pattern: http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a588/sir_danish/18mm_zpsb108c76a.jpg~original http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a588/sir_danish/35mm_zps2359757a.jpg~original Now take a look at the focus peaking. Notice how the in focus center seems to be shifted towards the right side, even though I did my best to align the lens and the SB with the lens support. http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a588/sir_danish/focuspeaking_zpsbc76972d.jpg~original I know, a wide shot with a fully opened lens isn´t the best thing you could do, but I´ve already been in low light situations where this was absolutely necessary. Everything looked fine to me, even the noise level. BUT the left side... I should mention that I´ve cut out a paper ring to put it between the camera and the SB. The idea behind this was to make sure that there is no more space for the SB to move around. It actually worked, the SB didn´t move at all! Unfortunately, the problem with the shifted in focus center (respectively out of focus left side) wasn´t solvable this way.
  16. That´s why it looks like the lens mount was misaligned, as there is no difference in the image if I rotate the lens + SB. In my understanding, if the lenses were to blame, the whole image would look different after a (roughly estimated) 65° rotation on the z axis. Maybe I should get a second BMPCC for a quick test.
  17. Danke Axel! Another observation: As mentioned above, when the center is in focus, the left side is out of focus, while the right side is only slighly softer than the center. Let´s presume the Sigma or the SB has a badly cut or misaligned lens. Wouldn´t the out of focus left side move to the top of the image, if I turn the Speed Booster (including the lens) clockwise by approximately 65° - while it´s still attached to the camera - just before that point where the SB comes off? I hope you understand what I mean... Anyway, if I try this, in both cases the image looks almost exactly the same, despite the 65° difference. Does this point to the fact that the lens mount on the camera is slightly skewed? :huh:
  18. Thank you very much, Axel! Your image looks quite sharp from one side to the other, with and without the Metabones SB. With my setup, the same image would be very soft on the left side. Thanks to your test, I don´t think the SB is the problem in my case, as I´ve tried two of them. If it was a common issue with the SB, your image would look strange too, but it doesn´t.
  19. Thank you very much Axel, I really appreciate it!! I was hoping for a helpful post like this one. Is it possible to share these images in full resolution? I would like to "analyze" them, but they are too small to compare them with some of my own shots. Thanks in advance!
  20. Thank you, I appreciate it! Actually, it has to be the Sigma + Speed Booster, as it could be that the SB causes the "focal plane skew". The Sigma works fine with a Nikon F/MFT adapter on my GH3, that´s why I suspect either the SB or a misaligned lens mount on my BMPCC to be the problem. The rear part of the SB is adjustable and you have to tighten it with a small screw. Maybe this screw unevenly lifts the rear lens a bit, which leads to the issue mentioned above. As I´ve tried two Speed Boosters and two Sigma 18-35, I cannot rule out the possibility that this is a common issue when using a BMPCC + SB + Sigma 18-35 1.8.
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