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  1. I'm selling my rehoused Iscorama since i'm not using it as much as i've hoped for. It's going up on eBay but haven't sold anything that expensive on eBay before.

    Any heads up? Anything that I should be careful with - other that not sending anything to Nigeria :)


  2. Haven't found any lens in the 50mm range - that works without vignetting at the lower apertures (full frame) - and doesn't use it much at the 85mm+ range. Spend to much money trying to find a lens that fits perfectly, so I thought it would be easier just to buy a non-modded 36 - or better a Isco 2004 (mostly for travel still-photography) :)

    Looked at the 42 on Ebay - but read that they could be difficult to align probably?


  3. @EOSHS : Haven't tried the Nikons yet. Tried it with Canon FDs, EFs and Helios. Bought a A7s, which hopefully gives me some better options regarding fitting older lenses compared to the 5DmkIII. And then there is the APS-C bonus, so I can test out a couple of 35mms as well.


    In the article at the top, it says:


    "The V1 rehousing puts the lens in a better casing and builds a removable adaptor onto it that allows you to screw the Isco directly onto your taking lens."


    I wasn't aware that it was possible to remove the rear part - haven't dared to try - how do I do that?






    Hahaha, they never told me it was detachable, and there wasn't any pictures on the site when I bought mine. I've loosend the screw before, but it didn't come off - guess I would have to use some force?

  4. If I hadn't upgraded my Isco to V1 - I probably would have been interested. It's a lot of money though. Have you tried others as hydarnes suggests? I know that it would take longer to figure out a design, since others haven't been working on the Isco's - i'm just asking out of curiosity.


    Duclos is great - Dante Ceccins (PrimeCircle) work also looks great.


    My V1 is just sitting on the shelf - at the moment i'm just hating it - mainly because of the long focus throw, and the non-protruding rear. Doesn't fit any of my 50's without vignetting like insane. Van Dieme should have added a detachable rear - and extra parts to screw on, from 1-2cm protrusion to flat rear. And a place to add a lens support ring/clamp of some kind. Weak first design.

  5. Great post Tito.


    I haven't really been using my VD Isco. Primarily because I haven't found a satisfying lens-combination for use with 5D mkIII. Tony advised on some Leicas, but didn't want to order a bunch of lenses, when not 100% sure about vignetting or not.


    Tony advised on the Leicas, and I can see that ch_d is using them as well. No vignetting on super35 sensors?


    Anyone tried a 50-ish mm on a fullframe without vignetting?

  6. Had mine rehoused at Van diemen - it took forever... End result was superfine, but delivery time was exceeded by almost half a year. And I know that others have had the same experience.


    And beware, the lens will return with a build similar to that of a tank. It is heavier, and if you put it on front of a 85mm or 70-200mm - you should really add some kind of lens support. The weight could put some serious strain on the camera-mounts. The better min. focus distance is nice - but I would have preferred a shorter focus throw (if it were possible to change that).

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