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  1. Just change the size at the raw video options? If you don't have experience with ML just read the manual for Unified 2.3, at least you'll understand how to access extra menu's and stuff - it's a piece of cake. The whole manual is even inside of the camera if you download ML 2.3.


    Hints: press 'func', the set button and use the scroll wheel...


    I just realised I was using Smeangol's build, now I'm using Gregory's build and am getting 1592x896. 


  2. Finally! Graded, exported, edited, uploaded...


    Details on Vimeo. Make sure to download the original file.


    /Edit: By the way.. you might notice some skipping frames, that's probably my fault with making the image sequences. Had some trouble with that... I didn't experience frame skipping during recording.


    I liked the skipped frames. With the music it seemed like a stylistic choice, almost like Gondry's Star Guitar music video.

    I did note the bus was a bit 'wobbly'. Any chance the rolling shutter could be improved with future builds?

    But mainly, GREAT WORK JULIAN!

  3. G'Day Rob, first off AWESOME work! I too have a D800 and are waiting for the latest BMC. I was wondering if you could do some sort of a tutorial of your grading technique because it's so stunning. The warm style looks great so I'd say you can keep leaning to it :D 


  4. Wow that's impressive footage for just walking around.  I thought there would be loads of jello, but the rolling shutter looks good.  Can't wait for this camera!

    The lens' stabilization was on and even though it appears to have done a great job, I'm still apprehensive of the rolling shutter. I'd like to see some test comparisons, but overall the picture looks awesome and filmic, which is the main issue I guess :D

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