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  1. I agree completely... I will never forget the inspiring feel, and results, of my Nikon F2 with the 105mm and Tri-X... And being a professional artist painter I of course know the importance of the medium, the technique and gear, but the subject and its mood is still what it is all about. The gear is only important as far as its role in helping your conveying the subject, the mood, your feelings etc. What I wanted to say really was that I get a little sad seeing how few views and comments some really great footage gets compared to some of the gear stuff...
  2. Or just go shooting for a while to see if something really is missing? Sounds like you are well armed already...
  3. No, no of course not, but judging from the traffic on DSLR video fora, the percentage of the talk about equipment is quite overwhelming, compared to the interest in creativity... What if a writer's litterature forum mostly talked about word processors or book binding :-)  Some of the world's greatest film makers began their career with 8mm short films.
  4. Bravo! Storytelling and creativity... where all energy and expenses should go...
  5. Thank you Andy! What a pity:-) The Möller has some sort of focusing ring, marked in meters. Well, I'd better sell them with the Bauer projectors then...
  6. Out of pure curiosity I had a look at this forum's posts (I'm completely satisfied with the 16:9 standard.. sorry), and the huge lumps of glass reminded me of something I had seen in my own home. We live in an old cinema, and in the projector room I dug out these two anamorphs (jpg hopefully attached?). The pinkish one is american and has some sort of mirror system, the other is german, seems exceptionally well made, and is marked Cinemascope on the rear side. Both are mounted in heavy cast iron brackets. I'll be interested to hear if they have a market value, and would consider selling them if someone would have pleasure using them... [img]http://anamorphs.jpg[/img]
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