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  1. It already does 4K internal, it comes off the sensor as 4K and is debayered, all the hard work done and sent to HDMI rather than compressed and sent to the card. 4K compression is trivial. Mobile phones do it. I don't believe the overheating theory at all... The biggest heat management issue in the A7S comes from the sensor and that is already doing 4K even for 1080p. It's probably more work for the image processor to downsample the 4K output to 1080p than it is to compress the 4K and write it to the SD card. I think they are saving the feature for future models.


    My message is clear to the manufacturers and always has been... Give us 100% of the capabilities of the hardware we pay for and don't disable stuff with a line of code.


    This makes sense. Fair enough.

  2. well i think its fair to say that because its a guide about the camera, that the post process isnt absolutely needed. that in mind i kinda miss that chapter as well. your nifty curves trick is good, but that cant be the only mention. in my opinion.


    -i would have loved a few links to free LUTs or more tricks like the curve presets.


    -how to work with 0-255 in premiere and if theres a way to set ip up so it always includes all luma values. because by default it chops them of.


    -some words on the GH444 tool and if there is still problems with gamma shift in MOV files.



    stuff like that.


    Great points.

    I have those questions as well.

    Also, any word on the 444 tool for windows? Is it possible to do the 4k 8bit 420 to 1080 10bit 444 thing on Premiere, Media Encoder or Davinci Resolve?

  3. Andrew, I'd like to thank you for the great work on the guide.

    It's very comprehensive and straightforward.

    However, I too think it lacked a bit on the grading side of things. Although I do understand and agree with your reasoning for not delving too deep in the issue on the guide, my feeling is, since you praised the gradability for the camera so much on your preliminary reviews and the main one, it'd be very nice to have more in depth notion on how to deal with the h.264 coming out of this camera specifically. Your experience both in grading and in dealing with this camera would be very welcome, and something not very easy to find elsewhere.

    I like EvilMonkey's idea of a blog post (or a series of posts) breaking out various situations and workflows. I'm sure you already have enough material to show us. Let alone the new stuff you'll be learning in the coming months.

    Again, thank you, and keep up the great work!


  4. I think either we'll see a a99 successor that records 4k internally for double the price of this camera, or we'll see a A7S successor next year with 4k internal recording, depending on how the competition goes. Or maybe something in between? Small body, 4k internal, same HDMI options from A7S for US$2500? They can't depend on external recording forever if they wanna sell those 4k tv sets, right? Not if Canon comes out with full frame with internal recording.

    I guess the best option is to get GH4 now, and see what happens next year.

    For the price of a GH4 + YAGH (whatever the hell that thing is called) + recorder, or for the price of A7S + Atomos recorder, maybe it's a better option to get GH4 + A7s and cover all your needs. Something tells me that if you buy a 4k recorder now for a A7S, you're gonna be very sorry in 2015.

  5. True. And that doesn't have mean a bad thing.

    I would buy a Canon camera over a Blackmagic/panasonic one even if they're better- if the difference is not big enough.

    It's mainly because I live in Egypt, and as Canon is a huge company they are extremely existent in the market here, I can find service, advice, repair, a huge amount of accessories and a great sale and re-sale value. That applies to nearly all countries outside the UK, US, etc. It may not be as important for you guys in the UK and US and I imagine if I lived there I would use BM/Panasonic/Sony instead of Canons, but I unfortunately don't.

    When a C300 failed on me a couple of months back (it was weirdly working but wouldn't respond any record button) I immediately made a phone call and found professionals answering me politely. a day after they picked the camera up from my house, a day after they dropped it off, perfectly working. Truly remarkable really given where I am. I can't imagine having a blackmagic fail on me here, Oh God! :D

    I just can rely on Canon. Disappointed by their marketing-model and line-up but, I can trust them.


    Exact same thing here in Brazil.

    Very difficult to find Pana/Olympus lenses for sale here. And good luck in finding someone to sell the lenses to. No one is gonna buy them, unless you're practically giving them for free. It's a very frustrating situation outside US and UK.

    I think the way to go here is GH4 + Nikon/Canon lenses with added bulk of Speedbooster. Ok for video, not so awesome for stills.

  6. Maybe it'd be a good idea to put all of these cameras in one place, but giving them grades for specific characteristics for video that we don't find easily on other sites, like the guys over at The Verge do when they review something.

    So, in one post we'd have all of these cameras like this for example:



    DR - 9/10

    Resolution - 7/10

    Low light - 10/10

    Ergonomy - 7/10

    Codec - 5/10

    Battery life - 8/10

    Price - 8/10




    DR - 8/10

    Resolution - 10/10

    Low light - 8/10

    Ergonomy - 7/10

    Codec - 7/10

    Battery life - 8/10

    Price - 9/10



    On each camera you could disclose your reasoning and preference bias and let people know why you think said camera has better bang for buck, for example.

    And then let the readers decide what is the ranking based on their specific preference and needs/budget.

    As more cameras come out, we would get a monthly update with new posts.


    I think you've earned a very good reputation with all your work on this site. And I believe that having this kind of resource would turn out to be a very welcome reference, especially for beginners.

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