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  1. Andrew, somewhere in this Book or a Blog Post you wrote "don't use FCPX". I am FCPX-User but also have CC. Is there a technical reason you wrote this?
  2. Well, maybe this is better suited for a blog post, anyway. I like your brevity-concept. The GH4 is such a feature-loaded camera, even going through 50% of the Menu Options would end up in a mess. You could just give some examples of GH4 images you shot and graded differently. Maybe something from "the Machine" and something from your first film with the GH4. Grading very good H.264 is very interesting and I have the feeling, that you just scratched the surface. I would also be really interested in your Ideas on how to make most of the 96FPS Image, thats not so obvious, at least for me.
  3. Don't get me wrong, it is great! I got my GH4 yesterday for a shoot next week and this guide is essential to unterstand everything important about the Cam without many hours of testing. I have never seen a cam with this many options (expecially with picture profiles). i.Resolution blew my mind and I am really happy that I discovered it before the first shooting day. In Comparison to the BMPCC and a Magic Lantern DSLR, you need to be a bomb technician to operate the GH4 perfectly. Do you have an Opinion on the cheaper Panasonic Primes? Namely the 14mm 2.5 and the 20mm 1.7? I have the 14mm and can't decide if I should keep it or sell it because it doesn't suit 4k well.
  4. Thanks Andrew, that sounds reasonable! It was clear to me, why the 1/3 step thing is not in the book. You're absolutely right, that drifts away to pixel peeping. I was just asking for some "bonus content" because I assumed that you did more things exploring the GH4 than ended in the final book.
  5. @tungah After you've payed, you'll immediately get an Email with a download link to the Email-Adress you use for Paypal Login. Your Copy will be individually marked to you. @Andrew Great guide, I spend the last couple hours working through it. 2 Questions: 1) Why didn't you dive deeper into grading the footage? You teased so much about FilmConvert, Alexa Profiles and said things like: "I can make GH4 Material look like BMPCC 10 bit material. It just needs the right workflow". I missed this a bit. More specific things about the Workflow for Grading, Scaling and 4K. The only real post-production thing I found were your curves for Premiere. 2) The stock ISO-Steps on the GH4 are very wide, but you can enable smaller steps. (e.g. ISO 640 between 400 and 800). Did you do any tests of these regarding noise performance? Is 640 pulled up 400 or pushed down 800?
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