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  1. Yup, no surprise. Move along folks, nothing to see here.
  2. Kubrick is one of my favorite directors, his films are timeless. He's really one of a kind, the closest I can see is probably Paul Thomas Anderson, both very visual story tellers. I really wish there were more film makers like this, its a dying bread I think. Its really strange, as we move away from film to more of a digital medium Hollywood and their audience are very much looking for more of the "roller coaster ride" experience, thats not bad but seems like variety is rare these days.   Thanks for the interview Andrew :)
  3. This is so stupid. Let the man make his films, this is not the place to talk about the primal evils of human society. Why push so hard, what do you achieve? Nothing but self ego boosting on a forum. Sure, let it be your pedestal to set up a soup box on your views on society, but these things are subjective and varies person to person. Im not going to say your wrong Mark, but not allowing an artist to paint his canvas to what he see's fit is wrong. Tarantino's been run through the mud and put up as a poster boy that I think he's just had enough of it. Wouldn't you? I dont even think Tarantino's very violent, but it impacts so much because of how he uses it, like a great directer should. A great example of this is the ear scene from Reservoir Dogs, it doesnt show the actual act of the cut, but not showing it amplifies our own imaginations of what happens. The way Mr. Blonde dance so carelessly and and gleefully adding the way to victim squirms makes us as the viewer feel very uncomfortable, I'd say that says alot about us.   But the million dollar question is: Why push so hard? Do you feel vilified for your opinions by the community? If so I am sorry, and im sure the rest of us dont want to imply that. Lets just agree to disagree, I think thats fair. Best way when arguing over the internet, alot less stress and head aches ;)
  4. Loving the abundant amount of info, guna bookmark this thread for future references.
  5. The more I hear about this the more I want one, that global shutter is very attractive to me, I also like the 'ideology' of what this camera is saying, its very niche for sure, but I believe there is a market for it. Heck for $3K... why not pick one up?
  6. For alot of people who feel disappointed for buying a gh2/3, dont! If you have a camera already, just go out and shoot! Don't let tech control your mindset into thinking you need 'this' camer or 'that' camera, if it shoots, then your all good. Think about upgrading or buying a new camera later if you already have a decent camera. Try not to get too deep in the thought of "This camera is better, therefore mine is obsolete." Like I said before, we got it better then we've ever had it before ;)
  7. Its great to know that Nikon has a gem of a dslr that can do great in video, I'm sure like the comment above that this was a possible fluke sadly. To me the GH3 is still a better all around camera, the ergonomics alone is a big plus to me. Battery life, headphone/mic jack, 60fps, lens choice, these are great advantages I like. The low light of the 5200 is great, but I plan to get some lights anyway since in my opinion, controlling light is very important. But its good to see Nikon that has a very competitive camera, anyone with Nikon glass should give it a gander.
  8. That Optex Anamorphic Adapter looks interesting, but not familiar enough with anamorphic just yet. Probably down the line.
  9.   Exactly, really excited to hear about the BMC MK.2 in the future.
  10.   Well that good to hear, guess it a rare occurrence. I wouldnt mind if it also had a "leaner" format, but if I remember what Andrew said, since it didnt have to compress the codec as much, it made it easier for the bmc. Dont hold me to that but thats what I recall, so it might not be possible... yet?
  11.   Would love some one to give it a test drive, im sure its possible.
  12. I also wonder if Black Magic has any plan to release an even lower end cinema camera only capable of 1080p/720p with prores or a more compressed codec for under 1K-2K dollars? Would totally sweep away all the competition in the consumer market, especially if it had close to similar detail and color science of the current Cinema Camera. Probably not though...
  13. Thanks for the test Andrew, this is a fantastic camera in it own right, it may not be on par chart wise as a RED but it sure as hell looks far superior then most dslr footage. Any chance you got some time to shoot with it? I've herd RED has a history of buggy and sometimes hardlock during use.   Tabac, You good sir, are amazing! Thanks as well for the quick tests.
  14.   Frankly I dont watch TV anymore. If Im interested in content from a provider/user, subscribing on youtube or vimeo is alot more keen to finding my viewing taste, it also helps in avoiding crap/exploitative television shows like Honey Bu Bu and Jersey Shore... Fuck those shows... and alot more pointless television shows. Its like trying to find a needle in a haystack looking for great shows and time wise compared to just watching content online when I want it.   I usually just link my laptop/desktop to my tv, done. Bye bye regular tv.
  15.   Interesting idea, will keep that in mind. Thanks John, is it really not possible? Well that's another thing I'll have to consider. For $3K alot of people are going to be complaining about this, I can work around it though. I really hope its possible in the future though, for guys like me time is very important and budget is slim, getting the best bang for buck in very important and this camera does that. These blemishes are minor but do stand out, knowing I have great shots in the can but a few bad one taking up space since CinemaDNG can eat up quite alot of space, with backup sdd's full it can be very daunting. I guess a mandatory "off load" laptop near by will be the only solution.   Still for $3K, I will find a way ;)   PS: Congrats of Puberty Blues winning AACTA award for Best Television Drama.
  16. Yeah, out of all things I feel this desperately need an in-camera file management. This should be their next top priority, nothing is worse then being out in the field and not knowing how much is left on an SSD or not being able the format the card/ delete outtakes. Its fun to think as using this issue as using film, but thats really just a place holder. Other then that, i still really like what this camera's doing.
  17. I think this looks pretty damn great, people are to ready to grab pitch forks. If it flops it flops, if it soars it soars. This isnt some crippling of technology through software, this isnt a company thats been around for ages with a huge fan base. This is a small group of up and coming camera developers, lets give them the benefit of the doubt aleast. What wrong with having good audio out of the box? Didnt know 3.5 mm mic jack was what people wanted...   Trends these days...
  18. Red vs Canon.. Uh oh, things are about to get rocky isnt it..   My 2 cents: 1. Needs better then 8-bit for this price range. 2. Andrew make a good point:     :/
  19. Really like these guest posts from other experienced film makers, very inspirational.
  20. I agree with your conclusion Andrew, for me personally, slowmo isnt something I'd use often and even then having a 60fps to 24fps slomo in post is all I really need. Yeah, i'm sure that 8-bit is feeling rather limiting after 12-bit but im sure its still acceptable. Really appreciate the articles Andrew, Thanks!
  21. Congratulations! Its great to hear about another indie film maker accomplishing his film, mostly these days its just all about looking up spec sheets and tests, glad to see some people are actually shooting something ;)
  22.   I some times wonder the same, but i like to think its just curiosity and nothing negative... at least I hope..
  23. Very exciting, I applaud Metabone for releasing such a great adapter. Now Full Frame wont be a big issue for people who don't like crop factors, its a win win. Thats not saying people wont find something else to complain about though.
  24.   Very true. Its a tool, that's all. What we use this tool for is up to us, we are all here for different reasons, me: to learn as much as I can from people who have greater skills then myself, and I have learned a lot. Learning from people with more experience them myself is very refreshing.   Now more then ever its looking easier to become a film maker, just recently Dan Trachtenberg made a short film on youtube. Now he is directing a new feature film from a comic book Y: The Last Man. This is very promising for people like me.         I feel that this is very misguided, Philip Bloom is great at what he does, I might not like everything he does but I respect him for putting himself out there. He has a very good eye for documentary work.         I'm not sure if you've been reading the past stuff but Andrew has comment on his displease of the AF100. Enough so that even a representative at Panasonic has commented here on the forums(If its reliable). I feel the hate for Canon, but its because of how much it has ushered in for the Indie film maker that it became quite glaring on the set backs. Why does a t4i/6D have moire but a 5DM3 doesnt? Why do we have to pay double or sometime triple? I really like the colors science behind Canon but their business model isnt targeted at the indie market anymore(specifically me). So I cant comment on everyone else but myself, Canon isnt really aiming for the independent film makers anymore unless you'rs renting possibly.   I wouldnt say the 5D is "no good" but its starting to look like "why get a 5D when I can get a BMCC or GH2/3?" Heck even a t4i or 7d which is bulit like a tank? Its a tool. Dont let others opinion misguide you or offend you. This is the internet after all, even in these some what quiet forums we get into heated debates. ;)
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