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  1. I guess if they really wanted continuity with crash-cam footage, from flares I guess and then the focal length benefits from not having to crop, which lengthens the lens. But like their full-size adapter it doesn't really like to flare. I'd like to see more drone footage. I'm surprised their video wasn't just slopping over with drone footage. Of course you could also get one of those re-house jobs on the GoPro which replaces its limited built-in lens with a C-Mount and then that opens up all sorts of possibilities.
  2. I appreciate it Andy. I'm all for continued contribution but I'm also acutely self-aware and know cooler heads like yourself and HurtinMinorKey would make for much better moderators. Depending on who was picked by Andrew would influence future participation in any capacity.
  3. Attached to the side of a car, in a "stunt" type situation I think it looks decent enough for what it is. Trying to use it for regular shooting, yeah, it's much less successful. The GoPro is already ridiculously wide when you have it in "skater" configuration.
  4. It's certainly pointing the way for other adapters designed to work with electronic lenses. Built in wireless follow-focus is trick.
  5. Hah-hah, I think you're right. Or is the disruptive ambiguity here ironically predatory and calculated? He's conflating two different products of two very different values that will achieve two very different practical results and I'm just curious, to what end?
  6. You didn't buy a +.4 for $65 from Japan. You bought the No.5!
  7. And this is in the Blackmagic forum why?
  8. Pretty cool it folds against the side like it does then. The other thing the screen does when you've got an EVF arm mounted to one of the rosettes and a lightweight pad mounted to the bottom is, when closed, protects the screen and controls on the left side of camera from being bashed by your head, hat, glasses, headphones, etc. It also keeps the left side screen from needlessly shining onto the side of your face, possibly glaring into your glasses, etc.
  9. Forgive the re-post from Andrew's other thread on the subject but I wonder how hard would it be to, instead of summing, do a poisson disc sample to arrive at the 2K image?
  10. I wonder how hard would it be to, instead of summing, do a poisson disc sample to arrive at the 2K image?
  11. Too bad the No.5 isn't the girl everyone wants to take to the Prom. :rolleyes:
  12. Despite solo's odd mixed message and confusion, I've seen the No.5 selling for about $65 when looking for listings on the real deal. There's still plenty of uses for this one (and it's much cheaper Kenko branded equivalent) but being singlets removes half or more of the benefit given there's plenty of reason to want to have the achromat attached in spite of its other properties (likely the reasoning behind its contemporaries that sport even lower magnification). If there was such a thing as a +0 power achromat it could likely sell for twice the price of the Tokina +.4 ...one just popped up, out of the UK for a tad over $400. I recognize the seller from other searches, bioware44
  13. And they might have over-paid for either the +.5 or one of several other 72mm AT-X close-up filters that are not the one folks really want. You don't seem to be getting that.
  14. Good. Heavy. The couple mm extra diameter really plays into the weight difference. The only reason I'd consider selling my Tokina would be wanting to eventually standardize all my filters on a larger size to avoid doing a lot of step-up or step-down.
  15. Either the bolded section is correct or the "half the power of +1" is correct. They aren't both correct. It's either an ambiguously incorrect ad because the seller didn't know what exactly they were selling or it's deliberately misleading. Either way you don't know what you're getting unless you contact the seller directly or you give them your money and wait to see what's in the box. And again, that German ad, it's even less descriptive.
  16. "half the power of a +1" It's the singlet, odds are. The No.5 is usually assumed to be +.5 It's using a stock photo. They had multiple 72mm multi-coated close-up lenses. Looks like someone bought it though. GL with that, lol. If it doesn't explicitly say it's the +.4 the odds are not in your favor it is one.
  17. Stunt shots are not significant pluses. In virtually any of these cases the SI2K and One Cam are even better and can go into even tighter places than camera the size of a GH2. I'm talking about the shots composing 99% of all other shots and making films that don't care about putting a camera in a cupboard. The best films that have ever been made, that might ever be made, were made with cameras that couldn't go in these tight places and, guess what, nobody missed not having a shot from a cupboard, or looking out a glove box, or from behind a steering wheel or whatever gimmick you care to come up with. The DSLR is bad for general shooting and must be kitted out to move right and let the operator see what they're doing, be held in a good position, and often these things are at odds with one another.
  18. Less than $100, no way. That's maybe an isolated sale by the dumbest junky on the planet who's selling his parent's TV and Mom's good silver in another auction. I'd never sell lower than I paid for it as NOS. Lowest I'd sell at would be around $300. If it was to an Iscorama owner I'd let it go for the low-low price of $600 ;P
  19. I guess that one from a little while back didn't sell then. Still, nice upward trend in the two you posted and there haven't been any when I've looked this week.
  20. Street price for the Tokina doublet still $750? I haven't seen one on ebay in a while.
  21. 1DC, GH4, GH2, they're all horrible. It's not about the image. The layout is terrible and the screens are only useful when viewed through a loupe, which imposes a very specific kind of shooting. Properly rigged they're just treated as boxes of various sizes housing the sensor that have to be reinforced and protected and augmented in every way because you can't attach anything else useful to them and you're dealing with correcting for a bad viewing position.
  22. People buy cameras for what they can do. At the level this is priced at, where people have been buying cameras, they haven't been buying cameras almost universally bad, with respect to form factor, but they do it because there have been pretty much no alternative. The DSLR form factor is hideous for anything but taking snippy-snap pictures. They became useful for more than that despite their terrible design with respect to motion pictures. They spawned new products designed to work around the faults of using a square peg in a round hole. The previous BMD cameras were no worse in this respect and better in others but definitely no worse. Now we're back on the right track. That flip out screen will be very useful for low-angle, minimally rigged, top handle shooting. For steadicam. For in the field review. Folded up and used with an EVF in a proper shoulder mount configuration, the same as you would have to do for any other camera, and it's an amazing and useful "gimme". Let's also not forget the HDMI, sensor-less configuration paired with another camera. It serves multiple functions, or you can fold it away when rigged. The equally impressive looking Aja CION is $3K more and you have no way at all to use the camera without already having or purchasing an EVF. Unlike other cameras you don't have to ignore the fact of a mildly useful screen now partially blocked by a battery plate or some dinky little eyepiece now just hanging out like some vestigial limb, both of which will or would have never given you as much use as you'll get out of that 10" screen.
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