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  1. My first shot with the new camera and this lens adaptor. I am still learning. Cannon 50mm 22/f 200 ISO San Disk Extreme Pro card - 95MB/s (1) Afternoon light on a hazy day, no filters. Love the camera. Let me know what you think. Thanks, RJett
  2. I too would like a translation of "the fix" for FCP X. We would be very grateful. Thanks, Richard Jett
  3. I am using the Vanilla hack (setb.ini) which have anamorphic settings. The camera gives me the jpeg selection and a choice of record quality, and I am selecting HD. I am also selecting Manuel Movie Mode in the Creative Movie menu. I have a Telex Anamorphic 16-D lens (2X) mounted on a 50mm Cannon. The files that are produced are 1,280 X 750, 30FPS and data rate at 30 mbits/sec. Here is where I get lost. I am importing these files into FCPX. I have been using the distort function to resize the files, but they have not looked correct. Anyone have ideas? Thanks ahead of time. Rjett
  4. Thanks everyone. The error message "Wrong file or trying to use already patched file" was coming up because i was using a old version of Ptool which does not recognize the GH2 firmware. (You will still find links pointing to old software on Vitaliiy's site so beware) You can get the latest here:http://www.gh1-hack.info/ptool3d.zip The GH2__V11.bin is the latest firmware from Panasonic. http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/dsc/download/fts/dl/gh2.html Thanks again, rj
  5. Going to this website:http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/dsc/download/fts/index2.html I get this file: GH2__V11bin Ideas? Thanks, rj
  6. Thanks Axel, First I am on a Mac so I am running WineBottler. I have ptool3.exe and GH2__V11.bin in the same folder. I click on ptool and navigate to the V11.bin file and then is where I get my error message. I eventually would like to add the serb.ini patch. Thanks for your help, rj
  7. I can't get past a Error sign that says "Wrong file or trying to use already patched file" Is someone running a website or string on this forum that can help me out? Thanks, BH
  8. Ok, I am really new at all this, so please bare with me. I got GH2_V11.bin, ptool3.exe, sets.ini, Wine and WineBottler all in the same folder on a Mac. I open WineBottler and it says Install File.../ptool3.exe. If I click Install it runs for a while then stops. I tried opening ptool3.exe while WineBottler was open and navigated to the V11.ben file and it tells me wrong file or it as already been hacked. I need some real Hack Dummy line by line help. Thanks, RJett
  9. Sorry to be such a newbie. I find all the links point to an old 1.1 version of the firmware. Am I misunderstanding something here? Thanks, rjett
  10. Thanks for your post. I am also a newbie. My question is where do you find firmware 1.11? All links I have found point to the old 1.1 Thanks, rjett
  11. As anyone had a difficult experience importing hacked files into the FCP X workflow? Have you had to use third party software to get the job done? Thanks, rjett
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