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  1. here we go, no real editing, just playing with vlog and filmconvert
  2. Took my daughter out to learn how to ride a bike this afternoon after this strange yellow orb appeared in the sky above Scotland! I shot a mixture of standard all 0's and vlog-l with -5 sharpness and nr. I used a pre loaded lut in the vlogl assist mode to help nail the exposure. I have found that you cannot expose using one preloaded LUT in cam and then try and user another LUT in the edit as in most cases the exposure is off. If you use however the same lut in cam as well as in your edit you will find it exposes the same. Shooting standard all 0's really is tack sharp with lovely colour representation. I was shooting with the 12-35 mk1 which gives me dual is 1 and it really is great for stabilisation hand held. I dont think I would pay the extra to get the mk2 version for that extra .5 stop for dual is 2. I used a genustech variable nd and shot everything at 2.8 which was a bit too much for the vari nd at some points. uploading the footage now and will link it when ready. I graded the vlog-l footage with the filmconvert gh4 log profile. I had to bring the exposure down by 0.9 and bring up the shadows, I used the kodak 5207 stock.
  3. There is no such thing as prores straight from the ad card
  4. Ok here is a quick video of how loading LUTs works and kinda how they look in cam.. sorry shot in my iPhone !
  5. Played with some converted cubes to vlt files in the gh5 tonight. They are definitely not looking the same in camera as the cube luts within fcp x, but are a far bigger improvement over just recording with a log preview. The included rec709 lut seems to work well however, so I might use that instead of my converted ones. James millers latest deluts pack for the gh5 does include vlt files he has created so maybe they will look better in cam than the cube converted ones.. Will post some tests tomorrow
  6. Has anyone who has receieved the camera from a preorder had it come with vlog already activated on it?
  7. My GH5 has arrived, and it sitting at home........gonna have to wait all day until I get back from work to play with it!!
  8. There are a couple of ways, there is a free tool online called LUTcalc https://cameramanben.github.io/LUTCalc/LUTCalc/index.html Easy to use and understand but let me know if you struggle. The other way is to do this in davinci resolve.Simple apply an existing cube lut to some footage, and then in the colour editing screen you can right click on the clip and export the LUT to a .vlt file... any problems let me know!
  9. Thanks for the info! I have already converted some of my most used LUTs from the .cube format to the required .vlt format to use on the GH5!. Just to confirm is the overlayed LUT still displayed when you are recording or only shown before hand?
  10. Can anyone with the gh5 and vlog confirm how the vlog assist works uploading luts to the camera and if they are useable as a lit preview when recording?
  11. Can anyone with the gh5 and vlog confirm how the vlog assist works uploading luts to the camera and if they are useable as a lit preview when recording?
  12. I ordered mine on the announcement day, jan 4th...so maybe they saw that on their system and know that i will be getting one this week in the first batch and yours will be in the next few batches..i will keep you posted!
  13. Jessops say they have stock coming on Thursday (UK) The guy on jessops chat said "It's only the Lecia kit that we're not getting enough of for all orders. As you've ordered the body we're got one for you!"
  14. Thanks saw that video today. Still not sure what I should do with my files though.. Is transcoding the 150mbs 10. Bit 422 4K footage to prores hq overkill or is standard prores too little?
  15. In terms of converting\transcoding the gh5 mov files for editing. If I was going down the prores route...would pro res 422 ( 147mb) be adequate or should I used pro res 422 HQ (22mb)?
  16. In terms of converting files for editing. If I was going down the prores route...would pro res 422 ( 147mb) be adequate or should I used pro res 422 HQ (22mb)?
  17. You can buy the GH4 vlog code and it will work with the GH5, you cannot however reused a code on the gh5 that has already been used on a GH4
  18. This page explains more about activating the vlog on gh5 and also supplies you with the official Panasonic Varicam lut in various formats , including vlt to use with the GH5. http://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/dsc/download/fts/enhance/gh5/index.html If anyone needs any help converting their existing .cube luts to the required .vlt let me know as I have spent all weekend working out how to do this and convert my own batch of fave .cubes to .vlt Here is the link to the manual if needed https://eww.pavc.panasonic.co.jp/dscoi/DC-GH5/EG_EC_EF_EB/DC-GH5_DVQP1121ZA_eng.pdf
  19. I have been very interested in this feature and it is mentioned more in the manual on page 186. Basically the lut you upload has to be in .vlt format which is a shame as most of my luts are in .cube format. Luckily with software like lutcalc out there you can convert your existing .cubes to .vlts to then Import in cam. You can also export luts from davinci resolve into the required .vlt format. I have purchased the vlog code for the gh5 and should be getting one Wednesday so will try this out! At the moment it is not baked Into the footage, just used for preview but still not sure if the preview overlay stays on while your recording.. yes you will need the vlog code to use this, the existing gh4 vlog code can be bought which will work with the gh5. i believe you can store upto 4 luts at a time on the camera.
  20. Do we have a consensus of how to match the GH2's smooth -2 profile across the board look with the panasonic g6s profiles?
  21. And if I already have the old speedbooster and sigma 18-35 combo with my bmpcc is it worth trying to return the speedbooster to get the new model for the small extra focal and aperture advantages?
  22. Doh! So I just bought the old speedbooster for my bmpcc two weeks ago! In all seriousness...would it be worth the hassle of now trying to return this and try and buy the new bmpcc version?
  23. have not seen this lens mentioned anywhere...will it work with the bmpcc?? http://www.rockycameras.com/-16-16mm--c-mount--tamron--16mm-16-16mm--cine-lens---micro-43rd-possible--1999-49285-p.asp
  24.     Where did you here about the shipping date of end of september??
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