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    Mitch Murder

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    subsequent got a reaction from andy lee in Best camera for 350$   
    Thanks guys! made his choice alot easier! :D
    Think he´s leaning towards the GF3 beacuse of the size, he´s not a video geek, so quality alone wont be all for him.
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    subsequent reacted to Bioskop.Inc in New to Anamorphic, what do i do?   
    For FCPX you just simply import the footage, put into the timeline & then select/highlight it.
    Open the Inspector window & you should automatically be on the Video setting (as opposed to Info).
    You'll see the Transform box - open it.
    Then expand the Scale section & that will reveal x & y axis.
    If you are using a x2 anamorphic you just simply change the y axis to 50% (this is the squash method & your footage will be 1920x540).
    Stretch method (so your footage will be 3840x1080) see this tutorial (you'll need Motion):
    For other anamorphics (squash method) with a different aspect ratio, you can simply do the Math (eg. x1.5 anamorphic - you divide 100% by 1.5, which gives you 66.67%).
    Camera stuff - this all depends on the camera (Canon try different Picture Profiles & Magic Lantern / GH2 try different hacks).
    But basically once you've attached the Anamorphic to the taking lens (& aligned it - just shine it towards a bright light & make sure the flares are horizontal) you're ready to go.
    Hope that helps...
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    subsequent reacted to TJB in Test footage from the pre-release Panasonic GH3 at Photokina   
    [quote name='subsequent' timestamp='1348487530' post='18968']
    More Pocahontas please! :D

    Yeah, I agree. More Pocahontas! There's something about her.... I don't know what it is...... I wish I could but .....I just can't put my finger on it.

    I doubt that she lies awake at night wondering about moire and aliasing. :wub:
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