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Which LED lights ?

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I have after effects and final cut pro x, so I'm sure I can figure something out. But I like your idea of painting with light. Thats why I figure I need more lights (or paint) to use. If the room is dark, there is only so much I can do. Its definitely more dark in my camera than it is with my naked eye, even with an aperture of 1.4..


Would getting one LED 600 light be stupid ? I really just need it for small indoor shoots  of bands (for now). The room I always shoot in is not well lit.


Sounds like a rehearsal or practice room. I think, no matter how diminutive that room is, just one LED torch will not get you to make it look interesting. You can as well make it look like a makeshift 'studio' by blatantly putting some lights into the room, in full sight of the camera. Let blacks be blacks, let light sources flare into the lens. Work with reflectors. 


(three lights, one of them a cheap fluorescent light, and a big reflector)


I don't say, do it this way. It's just done quite often and often works well. You can't 'paint' too much with just one LED, that's right.

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I like that video. I could definitely shoot it in that style... And I checked out that shootout link thanks.


But I do need lights for other uses, eventually,  a short film I will be shooting so I figure I should make the investment now...


Should I just go with something like this then ?




I'm just worried about heat. I don't want my subjects or myself to get hot. Would this be a better investment?



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