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Large diopter question


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I have an anamorphic with a 100mm front element. The whole thing is being converted, but when the elements are too close together, the squeeze factor changes. 

My question is are there any affordable diopters that are 100mm or bigger? 

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unfortunately using a diopter will do the same thing as setting your lens to a closer focusing distance.  the closer you focus, the less the anamorphic squeeze.  a 1.5x anamorph will be 1.5x at inf, and around 1.3x at 1m.  with or without a diopter, the squeeze ratio changes according to how far you deviate from infinity.

A 2x anamorph will be 2x at infinity and around 1.7x at 1m.


It's an attribute of all anamorphic systems which use a spherical focus section up front.


Never the less unfortunately the terms '100mm front element', 'anamorphic lens' and 'affordable diopter' will never sit well together in the same sentence.

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