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Best External Microphone for a Canon 5D Mark II


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If you are using the Rode Videomic (or any mic) outdoors you will find it a really good idea to add a furry windshield cover of the sort made by Rycote or Rode themselves. In very windy conditions you may need a blimp as well.

Otherwise you will be very likely to pick up wind noise.

Under $200 there probably isn't much to compete with the VideoMic Pro - the regular VideoMic has similar sound quality and is cheaper but is bulkier.

Or you could step up to the Rode NTG2 if you want a proper "pro" shotgun mic, but will need to add in the cost of an XLR to mono minijack cable and a shockmount.

Another way to go would be to use dual system sound with an inexpensive separate recorder such as the Zoom H1 or H4N, or Tascam DR-07 which you can place much closer to the people speaking. (This is a good idea especially for events so that you don't have a break in the audio when the dSLR clip breaks occur).
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