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GH3 - Motion recording was cancelled


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Hey guys, i thought of asking others if they experienced the dreaded "motion recording was cancelled..." error with good cards.

My GH3, survived almost 3 seasons of weddings, i changed the cards 3 times by now and i know some will work just fine, some won't.

What worries me is that the last wedding i got this error consitently at FHD 50mb/s 50P, i almost lost important footage that was happening  if it weren't for my second shooter with a gh4.

Being in the heat of the moment i went for mp4 28mb/s FHD, it worked for a while, then it started again with the errors.

The cards i use are enough for 50mb/s or even 28mb/s, i know that at 28mb/s, the card should be able to do minimum 3.5mb/s from the rated speed on the card.

Now the cards, transcend UHS-I 90mb/s read and write isn't specified but PC testing on USB 3.0 gave 52mb/s write speed, multiply that with 8 and you get 416 mb/s video bitrate capable card.

I also have kingston, samsung and kingmax, all of them failed at some point, kingston has a 20mb write speed, samsung 40mb/s and kingmax 20mb/s.

What also worries me is that i never  had this problem when the body was new, after 2 years of using it i started to have problems and get this error, wich leads me to believe it might die in the near future.

I know an SD card will wear out at some point but i think my gh3 is faulty, no matter the card, at some point in the wedding i get the errors and is gonna give me a heart attack, what if it happens when they cut the cake or something.

The footage is not lost, i wait for the buffer to clear, wich takes some time and then i hit record again.

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